Workforce Management Strategies Help Pharmacies Vaccinate the Public

July 21, 2021

We’ve recently witnessed a faster progression in how healthcare is being delivered and who delivers it. Pharmacists and retail pharmacies are leading the way by delivering vital health care services in various settings throughout the pandemic. They play a key role in the administration of COVID-19 vaccines, offering vaccinations to prevent other diseases, as well as developing strong relationships with their local communities in an effort to leverage their community reach.

One example of the pharmacist’s expanding role has been the partnership with public health efforts in underserved areas. Since they’re already experienced in administering vaccines, pharmacists have been able to cover large areas that require more providers, especially in rural areas, by expanding the number of locations and the hours that immunizations are available.

Smiling pharmacy tech standing in front of the pharmacy shelves.

What’s Changed?

  • The overall demand in COVID testing and COVID vaccines while still dealing with all the other daily responsibilities.
  • A major Increase in need of low-tier support staff.
  • Pharmacists working at the top of their credentials.
  • The need to strategize and mobilize staff is much greater.
  • This is not a phase to get through, but rather a new normal.
  • We’re utilizing pharmacy techs now more than ever before.
  • As people get used to remote and clinic services, reliance will increase, and expectations will continue to grow.

How Can Schedule360 help?

Configured Features Work with your Current Process

  • We can integrate the “vaccine clinic” into the regular schedule.
  • We can build out new “vaccine clinic” sites specific to your vaccination events outside the store or inside the store/pharmacy.
  • Integrate techs and other staff (such as RNs or other providers) into the site for a team vaccination group that performs vaccines, i.e., large COVID clinic vaccine sites at universities-we can schedule all of those workers.

Easy implementation

Schedule360’s stress-free implementation process is designed to get you set up with a scheduling software solution that’s configured to fit your needs. We’re with you every step of the way from complete setup and training to our ongoing, 24/7 customer and tech support.

Progressive roll out

Installation doesn’t have to be all or nothing. With Schedule360, you can start with one store, region, or unit, experience the difference our software can make, and then roll out to other units/stores/regions on a segmented basis.

Streamline Processes for Cohesive Standard of Operations

Streamline and automate the process of staff scheduling for pharmacies, even across multiple locations, for a smoother, more cohesive standard of operations.

Optimize Current Staff and Organize Hiring More

Our pharmacy scheduling software solution allows you to dispatch any last minute or urgent staff needs, via text and email to available staff first, optimizing your current staff and reducing agency needs.

Track Skills and Credentials for Balanced Shifts

Easily store and keep track of employee skills and credentials for balanced shifts with our proactive scheduling software solution.

Schedule Staff to Vaccination and Other Community Clinic Events with Ease

Scheduling software improves efficiency for vaccination or community events. See who’s assigned to remote shifts, who is on staff in-store, and who is available to pick up more hours all in one highly configurable scheduling solution.

Reduce Turnover

Reduce employee turnover with safer staffing and smarter scheduling. Schedule360 makes it easy to value staff work/life balance. Many scheduling tasks can be automated, shift swaps make it easy for staff to get shifts covered, and 24/7 web based access provides transparency to your workforce.

Reduce Occurrence of Hot Shifts

Smarter scheduling with optimization equals a reduction in hot shifts. When you’re able to juggle time off requests, rely on forecasting to anticipate upcoming demands, and know who is currently under their target hours you’ll be setting your schedule up for success, and that means you’ll have less time-off requests and under-covered shifts.

Increase Quality of Care

Maintaining staffing levels with full shift coverage to deliver the highest level of patient care is always the goal, but it can be easier said than done.

Schedule360 understands the unique challenges associated with pharmacy scheduling, so we’ve designed a solution to fit the specific needs of pharmacies. With all of the good that pharmacies are doing for their communities, we’re proud to help make their scheduling process one less thing they have to worry about. We’re certain we can help your facility too. Contact Schedule360 today for a configured demo of our award winning software.