Why You Need Messaging in Your Healthcare Scheduling Software

October 8, 2019

Why You Need Messaging in Your Healthcare Scheduling Software

Anyone experienced in dealing with healthcare staff scheduling will probably tell you that it’s not for the faint of heart. It can be a downright nightmare at times trying to create a schedule that will meet and satisfy your employees expectations, while still making sure all of your basic staffing needs and requirements are being met.

If employees are constantly contacting their staffing managers with complaints or concerns about their schedule, then implementing a messaging system to improve communication amongst employees is crucial.

Say Goodbye to Disorganized Requests

Thanks to the help of healthcare scheduling software like Schedule360, these scheduling issues don’t have to monopolize your entire work week. Forget about piles of sticky notes, or dozens of unanswered emails or voicemails cluttering your inbox. By implementing an online, web-based solution for messaging, staffing managers can quickly and easily communicate with individual employees, or send out group messages. In turn, employees can also quickly reach staffing managers when needed.

Here are some other ways to use messaging in your healthcare scheduling software to your benefit:

Dispatch Messaging

With healthcare scheduling software, staffing managers can dispatch any last-minute critical staffing needs, such as hot shifts, to ensure that they always have optimal coverage.

Time Off Requests

Requesting vacation or PTO (paid time off) is so much easier thanks to healthcare scheduling software. Giving your employees an easier, smoother, less invasive way to request time off, as well as be able to schedule shift swaps online without having to reach a manager by phone or in person makes the process more manageable for everyone involved.

Training Reminders

Another benefit to healthcare scheduling software messaging is being able to send out reminders to employees regarding any upcoming training requirements, including any licensing or credentials that need to be renewed or obtained.

Shift Reminders

Sometimes through no fault of their own, even the most responsible employees can forget about an upcoming shift or schedule change, especially if it was a last-minute change. Thanks to messaging, shift reminders are sent out, allowing employees the peace of mind of knowing when and where they’re supposed to be without having to call in to see when they work next.

Staff Accountability

Scheduling software makes it so much easier to distribute schedules once changes have been made. In the days of paper scheduling, whenever a change was made, schedules had to be physically amended and then re-distributed, often running the risk of employees not seeing or noticing the changes and then missing shifts or getting confused over shift changes. With messaging capabilities in your scheduling software, any last-minute schedule changes or shift needs, as well as any important notifications, can be sent out to employees immediately.

Since all messages are time stamped when they are sent and read, this eliminates those awkward communications related conflicts, such as employees saying they never received the message.

If you’re ready to greatly improve and streamline your communication and scheduling process, contact Schedule360 today for a customized demo, and see how much simpler things can be when everyone is on the same page.