Why Medical Staff Scheduling Software Makes Sense

December 17, 2021

Medical staff scheduling can be a complex process, especially in large healthcare facilities where you are managing staffing requirements for 24/7 shift coverage. Regular shift scheduling, On-call scheduling and record keeping is difficult and time-consuming to maintain, especially if you’re still relying on outdated scheduling methods like spreadsheets or other manual processes.

Schedule360 medical staff scheduling software gives you the proper tools to make scheduling your staff and optimizing your resources more efficient.

Female nurse wearing pink scrubs smiling at the camera while holding a tablet.

Real-Time Updates

Schedule360 provides real-time communication, updates, and accountability using our secure, cloud-based application. Not only will you be able to communicate in real-time through our robust messaging platform, but our software solution enables real-time accountability with live updates and reporting so you and your staff can rely on the most current version of the staff schedule 24/7, even amid changes in department needs based on accurate forecasting.

Template Creation

We provide a simple process for all scheduling related tasks, including automated template creation. Schedulers can build a recurring schedule template for each employee by facility. This template is stored in the system and replicated to create future shifts. Templates can be edited, cleared, or inactivated anytime. Using schedule templates for recurring shifts automates redundant tasks, creating a more fluid and efficient workflow process for administrators.


Managing shift call-offs is a complicated process, especially if you’re using outdated scheduling methods. Schedule360 software contains a special call-off feature that is perfect for large healthcare facilities. This unique call-off feature allows employees to call off shifts up to 7 days ahead but is more often used for last-minute call-offs and is configurable to allow various time frames to fit your needs. Current users of this feature most often set the time frame to 48 hours before a shift, making this a great resource to handle those last minute “calling in sick” situations.

The scheduler can approve and mark the staff member off, and by approving the dropped shift, the system automatically removes them from the schedule for that shift. Schedulers can then determine whether they need to backfill the shift. They can also add notes regarding what they plan on doing with the shift, meaning if any additional steps are needed to address the now open shift, it can be noted.

OT Thresholds and Target Work Hours

Budgeting and managing overtime are made easier with real-time reporting. Management can instantly view OT thresholds for available employees 24/7 from any mobile device. With the right scheduling software, you can dramatically cut down on OT by sifting out employees who are currently below target work hours. You can also spot gaps in coverage and optimize your current staff before using an outside agency or approving any overtime shifts.

Time-Off Requests and Rotations

Nursing managers face many scheduling challenges, including striking a balance of time-off requests and limited staff available to  balance skill levels, holiday scheduling, and on-call rotations. After implementing scheduling software, these time-consuming tasks will be an easier and more transparent process for everyone. A cohesive and consistent approach to handling variables in scheduling provide a better environment for staff  and keeps everyone on the same page through transparency. Management sets up guidelines to follow, so allocating staffing resources effectively and fairly becomes been easier.

Credential Tracking

Schedule360 medical scheduling software gives you the ability to track employee licensure and credentials. Skills requiring recertification are tracked from the expiration date and the system can be set to send alerts to employees 60 days prior to expiration. This is then linked back to the credential page for rapid updating. Credential tracking prevents employees lacking certain credentials from filling shifts they aren’t qualified to fulfill, ensuring quality patient care remains a top priority in your department.

Nurse Self-Scheduling

Using our rules-based self-scheduling feature, nurses can self-schedule and swap shifts with other qualified employees through unit-specific rules that are defined by management. After shifts are released for the upcoming schedule with immediate booking of set scheduled shifts, the remaining open shifts are made available to only qualified staff. Self-scheduling provides numerous benefits, including taking some of the scheduling burden off your schedulers, as well as giving your nursing staff a sense of freedom and flexibility over their own schedule. Employee morale in healthcare facilities directly affects patient care. High turnover, gaps in coverage, and overworked nurses contribute to the fall out. Self-scheduling provides a healthy work-life balance and boosts workplace morale.

Segmented Messaging

Our online, web-based solution for messaging provides administrators with segmented messaging options to message different groups based on current needs. Admins can select staff within one unit, department, facility, enterprise, or even across multiple campuses. They can also dispatch a message to employees scheduled to work that day or dispatch a message to everyone on the list. Imagine how much this feature can help in cases of emergency, last minute call-offs, and unexpected hot shifts. Admins will no longer need to email or call employees individually, saving time and resources. With segmented messaging you’ll avoid over-messaging irrelevant information to your staff, and your urgent needs can be addressed quickly.

API Integrations

Our API integration allows users to experience the power of our robust platform that can easily exchange data with other software applications. Schedule360 integrates seamlessly with leading payroll, HR, and CRM software and services, saving you time and simplifying your workforce management process. You don’t have to completely overhaul your entire process. A robust software solution will work with your current processes, help you weed out the inefficiencies, and make it easy to create efficient processes where applicable.

Schedule360 Understands Your Needs

Medical facilities are faced with unique scheduling challenges that require a unique solution. You can’t afford to use an insufficient tool or spend several months searching for the right scheduling software program that will work for your team. Schedule360 is designed to work with your current scheduling process, and implementation couldn’t be easier. If you’re looking for a configured solution to your common healthcare staff scheduling pain points, contact us. At Schedule360, We Know Scheduling™ and welcome the opportunity to demonstrate for you an ideal scheduling software solution to meet your specific scheduling needs.