Is Scheduling a Headache for Your Healthcare Administrators?

August 31, 2020

The current scheduling reality for many healthcare administrators who still resort to outdated scheduling methods is one that is tedious, demanding, and time-consuming.

Healthcare manager and scheduler working on the schedule.

Manual ways of scheduling are extremely inefficient and can be very difficult to manage, making you wonder why so many hospitals and other medical facilities still continue to use these outdated methods for scheduling to this day.

Inadequacies of Manual Scheduling

· Overtime and agency costs are blowing budgets.

· No standardized way of keeping track of credentials so shifts are unbalanced in skill sets.

· No standardized way of time-off requests.

· Outdated messaging capabilities.

· No way to access up-to-date real time schedules.

It’s time to make the switch to web-based scheduling!

Reduce Time and Resources Spent on Scheduling

Drastically reduce the amount of time and resources spent on scheduling related tasks with online scheduling. If schedulers are spending less time on the schedule, this means they’ll have more time to spend on other important tasks that better utilize and leverage their skills.

Schedule Transparency

Management can see the entire schedule at a glance across multiple units and locations, while staff also have 24/7 access to their schedules from any mobile device with an internet connection. Complete schedule transparency reduces no-shows and shift changes because you’re giving your staff more time to plan around their work schedule.

Manage and Reduce Overtime

Medical staff scheduling software comes equipped with overtime alerts built into the system allowing managers to quickly view which employees need additional hours and which employees are close to overtime thresholds.

Rules-Based Self-Scheduling

Give employees a sense of control over their own schedule with rules-based self-scheduling, all structured around a set of guidelines set by management. Automating your scheduling process leaves more time to better utilize your resources elsewhere, as well as better utilizing your managers and schedulers time also.

Shift Swaps

Allow staff to safely swap shifts on their own while still adhering to guidelines set by management. Filling an open shift with someone who lacks pertinent skills required for a balanced shift leaves everyone else picking up the pieces. Get a handle on shift optimization by requiring staff to match the skills needed for every open shift.

Time Off Requests

Establishing a set of clearly defined rules is a must when it comes to employee time off requests. This process is difficult to accomplish when using manual scheduling methods, but online scheduling software allows you to standardize your time off request process making it seamless, efficient, and more evenly distributed across the board.

Optimize Shifts

Medical staff scheduling software keeps track of employee credentials, ensuring only those employees with the proper qualifications are filling certain shifts. Optimizing shifts by utilizing your current staff also reduces the need for agency use, and in turn will be saving you money.

Payroll Compiling

Scheduling software is easily configurable to record all of the complex variables associated with your employee payroll. Easily compile a concise report for your payroll system which can be exported to optimize your entire business operation.

Integrated Messaging

Forget sifting through hours of missed phone calls, emails, notes, and voicemails. Scheduling software provides all of the integrated messaging capabilities you need to remain in contact with employees without the messy sticky notes scattered about. Admins and schedulers are able to send time-stamped messages to employees letting them know when a time off request is denied or approved, a recertification is due, a change is made to their schedule, or any other important information you need pushed out to your workforce in a timely manner.

Drastically reduce the amount of time, resources, and headaches spent on scheduling with the help of medical staff scheduling software by Schedule360. The only question you’ll be asking is “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”

Are you interested in seeing exactly how Schedule360 will work for your facility or do you have questions about our pricing? Contact us today for a configured demo of our award-winning scheduling software to see what a difference it can make in your scheduling process.