Web-Based Pharmacy Staff Scheduling Software Provides Greater Efficiency as Flu Season Approaches

August 30, 2022

A configurable staff scheduling solution that speaks directly to common pharmacy staff scheduling pain points will create a more efficient workflow, dependable scheduling, and standard practices for common scheduling tasks and requests.

Staff scheduling takes time, and Pharmacies are experiencing staffing challenges nationwide just as the demand for high quality healthcare in pharmacies continues to rise. Creating and managing a pharmacy staff schedule can quickly become an arduous task without the right tools to help you simplify and optimize your current processes.

Female pharmacist standing in the isle of a pharmacy store.

Optimize Staff

Effectively leveraging pharmacy techs, float staff, and part time staff with Schedule360 greatly reduces expensive agency labor. Schedule360 provides Schedulers with transparency into available staff resources to ensure qualified staff are utilized to cover open shifts. This makes creating balanced shifts in every location so much easier, and with all the information you need at your fingertips, you won’t be scrambling to fill urgent gaps in coverage.

Internal Messaging

Pharmacy scheduling requires constant communication, including the ability for managers to quickly and effectively communicate their scheduling needs to staff. With an internal messaging platform, you can segment messages by groups based on who needs the information, leaving out those who don’t. Over-messaging can devalue the benefits of constant communication with your staff, so it’s important that only those who need the notification will receive it. They will know when you send something out, they need to check it as it may pertain to them directly. With Schedule360, you can send messages to all employees, currently working employees, or only employees who are available to work and under their targeted hours for the current pay period.

Transparency in Scheduling

Schedule360 provides complete schedule transparency giving schedulers and administrators the ability to view the schedule in ways that make managing schedules for multiple locations more efficient. Transparency in scheduling eliminates schedule confusion and greatly frees up your scheduler from receiving disrupting non-stop calls from staff asking schedule related questions.

24/7 Web-Based Access

Employees will also have complete access to their schedule 24/7 from any device with internet access. Transparent schedules posted in advance means there will be less last-minute schedule changes and the instances of missed shifts will be dramatically reduced because employees have more time to plan around their work schedule, and more time to cover their shift if need be.

Anticipate Upcoming Staffing Needs

With pharmacy scheduling software, you’ll have access to previous productivity reports, allowing you to anticipate when you’re likely to experience higher activity levels (typically evenings and weekends) and adjust your staffing resources to accommodate these accurate predictions. Additionally, keeping track of credentials is a cinch. Once entered, you can ensure that only staff with the proper credentials are working certain shifts, so you can rest assured knowing that patient safety and quality care remain top priorities.

Schedule Staff to Handle Flu Season Influx Demands

There may be occasions when your optimized schedule isn’t enough to carry the load, or perhaps you have a few gaps in the schedule that urgently need to be filled. Pharmacy scheduling recognizes this as an industry-wide pain point, which Schedule360 has addressed head on. The ability to react quickly and push out a segmented message whenever an urgent scheduling need arises can mean the difference between an optimized shift and a short one full of unintended gaps.

Stay One Step Ahead of Flu Season with Schedule360

Schedule360 understands the complexities and pain points associated with pharmacy staff scheduling, and as an industry leader in pharmacy scheduling software, we proudly serve some of the largest retail pharmacy chains in the United States. With over a decade of chain pharmacy scheduling experience, we know the challenges you’re facing, and we are here to help you simplify your scheduling and reporting processes.

Schedule360 pharmacy scheduling software includes unique features that can help pharmacists and schedulers meet increased scheduling demands by offering innovative tools that optimize your resources. Our software will solve your staff scheduling challenges so you can focus on more important things like providing the highest level of care to patients.

Schedule360 will help you get ready for flu season with a pharmacy scheduling software solution designed specifically for pharmacies. Contact us to learn about an easier, less stressful way to schedule your staff.