Unique Challenges Addressed with Pharmacy Scheduling Software

June 19, 2020

Smiling pharmacy working standing near shelves full of prescriptions.

Pharmacy scheduling has a bit of a reputation for being a challenging process. There are sometimes multiple locations to schedule for, and many different employees to schedule, including RPh floats. Fortunately for those in charge of scheduling, implementing pharmacy scheduling software has transformed this task into a much more manageable and efficient process than ever before.

Benefits of Pharmacy Staff Scheduling Software

Having a streamlined approach to building pharmacy schedules is a must, and scheduling software does a fantastic job of automating many of the repetitive tasks schedulers face on a regular basis. Administrators feel the ability to view everything across multiple locations in one platform is invaluable and helps make the scheduling process much more efficient than manual processes. Employees love the 24/7 web-based access.

Manage Float Schedules

Manage RPh float schedules effectively by reducing the amount of times those who work at multiple locations get double-booked for a shift. With one click you can view who’s working, who’s close to overtime, and who still needs hours. This is going to save you both time and money in the long run. By optimizing your RPh float staff you can ensure they are scheduled into their required hours across their qualified locations. The right pharmacy scheduling software can provide a big picture of the RPh float resources and coverage needs across several locations in a specific region. In many cases, RPh floaters are managed centrally, so having the ability to see everything in one place is a game changer for schedulers and Pharmacists alike.

Time-Off Requests

Manage time-off requests with ease using pharmacy scheduling software. Employees logins are configured to capture scheduling preferences or requests and to submit time-off requests for manager approval. This can be configured to align with your pharmacy’s needs in relation to time-off policies, procedures, rules, or restrictions. We understand many pharmacies handle time off annually and having the ability to organize all of the requests on one platform is a huge time saver. Those still in excel do not have the transparency to see a big picture of who has requested time off for a particular week and then approve based on seniority and rank. Our annual vacation setup is configured to fit each customer’s needs. No two customers handle time off the same, so why should your scheduling software be a one-size-fits-all solution?

Improved Communication

Communicate schedule changes quickly and effectively with our enhanced messaging capabilities. Instantly communicate with all pharmacy staff using text messages or emails for any last-minute needs, reducing or nearly eliminating the instances of no shows. Messages are sent in real-time and are time stamped when read to take the guesswork out of received messages.

Payroll Compiling

While some pharmacies may still be using outdated and tedious manual processes such as excel spreadsheets, pharmacy scheduling software automates the time consuming task with ease. It can also be configured and integrated into any existing payroll software you’re already using.

Additional Benefits:

  • Quickly backfill shifts with float staff within store guidelines and certifications.
  • Manage a pharmacy technician work schedule locally and regionally.
  • Automate and create a pharmacist schedule template to help backfill shifts.
  • Track shift schedules and manage coverage gaps in real-time.
  • Maintain union and non-union requirements with automated labor rules.
  • Easily configure multiple staffing regions or groups within large enterprises.
  • Manage schedules with real-time analytics and advanced labor reporting tools.
  • Track staff credentials and licensure.

Pharmacy Scheduling Software Reduces:

  • Shift extensions without warning.
  • Gaps in coverage.
  • Last minute schedule changes.
  • Miscommunications in the workplace.
  • Double-booking technicians.

While it’s no secret that the issues related to pharmacy scheduling can be a challenge, Schedule360 is happy to provide an easy, cost effective solution. Our robust software is utilized by hundreds of pharmacies across the country but is uniquely configured for each individual client.

For more information on how to implement pharmacy scheduling software for your pharmacy, contact us at Schedule360 today. We can schedule a customized demo to give you the opportunity to see our software work the way you need it to.