TSE Schedule360 Recap-Boston

September 14, 2022

TSE was put on pause for 2 years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so it was great to be back in person this year. We truly enjoyed catching up with our customers and it was great meeting so many new faces during this year’s event.

Our team was blown away to hear about the many ways our software solution has significantly impacted scheduling processes in such a positive way. It is one thing to read client feedback and testimonials online (which we love doing) but it was really rewarding to spend some time talking to people face to face. Comments like “We couldn’t have made it through COVID without Schedule360” made an impact on the attendees, and we are honored to play a part in streamlining and simplifying your scheduling process.

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Attending the expo allowed us to have real conversations about what it was like to go through COVID and how the pandemic has impacted and affected the healthcare industry, especially staff scheduling. We have uncovered and learned so many things that we feel will be so valuable moving forward.

If you couldn’t attend the conference, we would love the opportunity to share how we can help. Here are a few of the hot topics that had our booth buzzing:

New Features

  • Pharmacist Credential Tracking: Self reporting has allowed customers to manage the ever-evolving pharmacist credentialing needs, including vaccine training tracking.
  • Annual Vacation Request: Saves time managing the vacation process and ensures scheduling managers are holding back enough resources to cover shifts.
  • One of the things we discovered after talking to customers is that the annual vacation feature alone helped so many schedulers deal with the aftermath of rescheduling the numerous 2020 vacations that were canceled and rescheduled because of COVID. Having this useful feature allowed them to plan ahead and explain scheduling policy changes to staff. Schedule360 made all these changes much easier to manage.
  • Banked Hours Tracking: Just one of the many reporting features that allows you to keep track of pertinent information quickly and easily.
  • COVID Vaccine Clinic Scheduling: To easily staff in store and outbound vaccine clinics.
  • COVID Testing: Schedule360 streamlines pharmacy COVID-19 testing programs. Our Special Scheduling type ensures only trained staff are fulfilling testing program shifts.

Features That Pack a Punch

Pharmacies faced staffing challenges before the pandemic, but once the pandemic hit, everything was turned upside down and in an instant we needed innovative solutions to new challenges daily. There were tried and true features that had always been a cornerstone for pharmacy staff scheduling, but became game-changers post COVID, and they are still creating an unbelievably efficient process for some of the most unpredictable challenges we continue to face.

Shift Dispatch/Messaging:

Messaging for urgent gaps in coverage due to call offs and focused messaging for quick communication regarding:

  • Hot Shifts-Send out a page or email to all available staff with just one click saying “Hey, hot shift opening at the clinic-call me if you can work or pick up the shift in Schedule360.” When there are open shifts, people can use a self-scheduling button. The hot shift feature is one that always generates a ton of positive feedback.
  • Focused Messaging for staff working on a specific date- With focused messaging, you can select the specific audience you wish to send messages to, like those working a shift on a certain date, versus sending out a mass message to everyone even though the message may not apply to them. For example- through COVID some pharmacies closed for the day in response to short staffing. Pharmacies needed a way to quickly reallocate staff from a low-volume store they could close for the day to a busier location experiencing gaps in coverage by moving all employees who were scheduled at the dark store to better serve communities. Schedule360 made this easy with innovative messaging capabilities.

Schedule Transparency

The fluctuating demands in staffing needs based on community needs can become overwhelming pretty quickly. Meeting those needs and addressing staffing shortages created a perfect opportunity for transparency in staff scheduling to shine. Our clients lean heavily on Schedule360’s complete schedule transparency, with all staff having 24/7 access to staff schedules from any mobile device with internet access.

24/7 Customer Support

We were thrilled to hear how satisfied our current customers are with our incredible ongoing customer support. The conversations about how they don’t know how they would’ve made it through the pandemic without us proves we have done and continue to do what we set out to do: Create the best pharmacy staff scheduling solution available.

Schedule360’s goal is to simplify your employee scheduling management practices to help you save time and achieve your bottom-line goals, but it doesn’t end there. We do more than supply you with the best employee scheduling software. We stick with you every step of the way. Schedule360 offers a comprehensive setup at no cost, online training, and the industry’s best customer support with live operators available 24/7.

Schedule360 Knows Pharmacy Scheduling

To say that pharmacies are overwhelmed with all the recent changes is an understatement. You need a staff scheduling solution that is tailored to address the common staff scheduling challenges in pharmacies. We offer innovative tools, and we know our software will help you create a more efficient workflow with dependable scheduling and standard practices for common scheduling tasks and requests.

No one understands the complexities and pain points of pharmacy scheduling more than Schedule360, and that’s why we’re proud to serve some of the largest retail pharmacy chains in the United States. With over a decade of chain pharmacy experience, we know the challenges you’re facing and we’re here to help, 24/7.

If you missed us at NACDS this year, contact us to learn more about our innovative staff scheduling solutions configured to meet the unique demands in pharmacy staff scheduling.