The Right Staff Scheduling Software Provides Immediate ROI

October 8, 2021

Maintaining the right staffing levels is a delicate balance of anticipating workforce needs, managing employee availability, preferences, requests and ensuring full shift coverage. It doesn’t stop there. Healthcare staff scheduling also includes managing labor costs, following compliance rules, while maximizing productivity and keeping employee morale high. Those in charge of employee scheduling are fully aware that it can be a very time-consuming task, especially once you factor in additional considerations like gaps in coverage, staff call-offs, OT thresholds, and balancing shifts based on credentials.

Nurse Scheduling Manager checks her nurse scheduling software for updates to her nursing schedule.

Better Workforce Management

Schedule360 has developed a unique, robust workforce management solution that addresses these challenges relating to forecasting labor requirements and managing daily staff schedules. The right staff scheduling software equips managers with the proper tools to increase efficiency, lower operational costs, and ensure that patients are receiving quality care on every shift.

If you’re hesitant to implement staff scheduling software because of the investment factor, rest easy as our current users realize a measurable ROI through Overtime Reduction, Agency Reduction, and Admin time spent on scheduling and schedule management. simply by utilizing our incredible features.

OT Thresholds

Feeling the pressure to budget better and need to manage OT? Schedule360 scheduling software allows you to set overtime thresholds. If you’re still using outdated scheduling methods, it’s impossible to see the full picture for more effective schedule management. Our software solution gives admin the ability to instantly view OT thresholds for available employees, 24/7 from any mobile device.

Streamlined Scheduling Processes

Streamlining your scheduling process with a robust and highly configurable web-based solution can minimize problems due to short staffing. Optimizing your current staff via an automated approach will keep your organization running smoothly and efficiently. Failure to optimize staff is the equivalent of leaving money on the table, and our scheduling software solution is designed to prevent just that.

Robust API Integration

Schedule360 can integrate with other popular software applications, creating a bridge between your scheduling software and the other applications you use. Schedule360 users will experience the power of our robust platform while effortlessly exchanging data with other software applications, so we’re not over-hauling every aspect of your labor management, but rather working with what’s already working for you and your staff.

Our unique software solution provides the ability to sync data with customer relationship management (CRM) software or other systems of record. Schedule360 effortlessly integrates with popular Payroll and HR Systems, saving you time and money. Schedule360 uses ORDS or Oracle REST Data Services to securely transfer staff credentials, time-off requests, scheduling, and punch data between ours and third-party applications.

24/7 Web-Based Access

Apps tend to lag and require constant updating, but with our web-based, staff scheduling software, employees get 24/7 online access from any mobile device with internet access. Having complete schedule transparency dramatically reduces the number of employees having to call, text, or email to determine when they’re scheduled to work next. It also lowers the number of missed shifts as employees can receive instant alerts in real-time should their schedule happen to change or as a friendly reminder, they picked up a shift outside of their typical work schedule.


Internal Messaging with Configurable Features

Healthcare scheduling requires constant communication, including the ability for managers to effectively and quickly communicate their scheduling needs to staff. Our staff scheduling software comes equipped with an integrated messaging tool with enhanced messaging capabilities. Admins can only message individuals on the schedule at various levels of their site structure, i.e., admin can select based on their unit, department, facility, or enterprise, and even across multiple locations and campuses. They can dispatch a message to only staff scheduled to work that day or send a message to everyone. They can also determine how they want to contact staff, via message board, cell, email, or secondary email.

Our internal messaging system reduces the occurrence of over-messaging by encouraging managers to effectively communicate and segment messages to only those staff that the message applies to, versus sending out a memo to everyone on the payroll. Messages are time-stamped when read to ensure they were delivered and received.

Centralized Scheduling

With Schedule360 you can view your entire workforce with the touch of a button. Schedulers can view schedules by location, or at a regional level. This is ideal for healthcare facilities, like pharmacy chains for example, that have multiple locations with additional on-site events that require qualified staffing. You can match up employees geographically, optimize floats, and improve overall efficiency in the scheduling process without manually pouring over automatable tasks and guidelines to place everyone where they need to be.

Why Choose Schedule360 Scheduling Software?

Our clients selected Schedule360 for many reasons, and they continue to use it because it works. We Know Scheduling™, and we have built our system with the flexibility to configure to the specifics needs of your departments and employees. Schedule360 can solve even the most complex scheduling pain points. Contact us today for a personalized demo and discussion to address your specific needs.