The Positive Impact of Workforce Management in Pharmacy Clinics

June 16, 2022

A pharmacy clinic’s workforce is its lifeblood. Having unqualified employees, poorly trained employees, or inefficient scheduling and reporting can be as much of a problem as having too few employees.

The role of pharmacies and pharmacy staff for delivery of healthcare in public health has been transforming and expanding in recent years, even before the pandemic.

Over time, the continuing swirl of stressors can lead to burnout among pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, which can increase the likelihood of error in a job that leaves little room for this. Plus, pharmacy staff start to lose sight of the reason why they entered the field in the first place, triggering them to leave their jobs, further fueling the existing pharmacy staffing shortage.

Pharmacist standing behind the pharmacy counter.

To retain experienced employees, organizations are pursuing strategies like providing bonuses, increasing benefits, raising salaries, and allowing more flexible working hours. Although these can help, they are no longer the differentiators they once were. The same perks are being offered by other industries, and many of them provide a less stressful work environment than that of healthcare. Health systems will need to offer these incentives just to remain competitive. Retaining experienced staff will rely on providing a healthy and positive work-life balance. Efficient scheduling plays an important role in maintaining this balance and ultimately in retaining your high-quality workforce.

Doing more with less is a common practice, and without an efficient workforce management strategy, it will be hard to retain valuable staff.

You can transform your outdated, manual ways of employee scheduling into a modern online workforce management process to boost productivity, comply with labor regulations, and empower employees by giving them more control over their own scheduling. Schedule360 pharmacy scheduling software relies on technology, not more manpower to optimize your entire workforce from one centralized, web-based, completely configurable platform with the unique needs of pharmacy staff scheduling in mind.

Optimized Employee Scheduling

Schedule360’s pharmacy scheduling software solution enables you to optimize employee scheduling using your current staff, therefore dramatically reducing expensive agency labor. You can also take inventory of the resources you already possess at your disposal using our configurable reporting tools. Quickly track and organize the skills and credentials your pharmacy already has available, so you don’t have to search elsewhere.

Multi-Facility Staff Sharing

Overseeing staff scheduling across multiple locations can sometimes feel impossible. There are so many moving parts, and in addition to meeting daily pharmacy needs, staffing off-site events and clinics can leave a lot of room for human error. Our pharmacy scheduling software lets you easily schedule, share, and move float pool staff across multiple facilities to allocate and fill critical needs. Our software solution helps avoid common scheduling conflicts, like shifts with no assigned worker, or double booking of staff.

Real-Time Mobile Communication

We understand that pharmacy scheduling needs are urgent and need to be addressed immediately. Waiting to hear back from staff on whether they’re available to fill a last-minute shift opening isn’t an option. Schedule360 pharmacy scheduling software provides real-time mobile communication instantly, so you’re able to communicate vital information to your staff via the message board, email, or by text message. Real-time mobile communication is an invaluable resource, especially during an emergency.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Employee morale is a big deal in the workplace. Employees don’t want to go to work every day feeling overworked and under appreciated. Pharmacies are no exception, especially when overtime shifts are often mandatory, breaks can be few and far between and customers can be difficult to deal with. These issues often result in burnout and staff turnover.

Labor Tracking Analytics with Advanced Reporting Tools

Schedule360 pharmacy scheduling software gives managers the ability to monitor schedules and labor costs in real-time for proactive labor management. These executive summaries provide valuable insight on labor costs and schedules, but also on calendar reports, financial reports, time clock, and data exports.

Advanced Labor Reports

Schedule360 pharmacy scheduling software also gives managers the ability to gain access to a suite of real-time, downloadable, and customizable reports for advanced labor management. Not only that, but with API integrations, you can seamlessly transfer important data into your Schedule360 reports giving you a real-time view of the big picture. Imagine having everything you need already organized and conveniently waiting for you in one easy to find location.

Scheduling Technology that Thinks the Way You Do

Having a streamlined approach to pharmacy scheduling is invaluable. Schedule360’s pharmacy scheduling software does an incredible job of automating many of the repetitive tasks that pharmacy scheduling managers face regularly. Optimized for your industry, we have the best employee scheduling software on the market today. For an efficient workforce management strategy made easy, contact us for a configured demo.  Schedule360 – We Know Scheduling™