The Financial Impact of Outdated Scheduling Methods on Your Company

January 13, 2020

The Financial Impact of Outdated Scheduling Methods on Your CompanyScheduling is a major part of any organization, so it probably won’t come as much of a shock for those involved in scheduling to learn that the largest expense of any business organization is the cost of keeping it staffed, especially when scheduling for multiple departments or clinic locations. When scheduling isn’t done efficiently, it can result in negative consequences for both the staff and the business.

Staff Related Issues

Improperly or poorly crafted schedules are prone to errors. For medical professionals, these errors can make it difficult to perform their job properly and effectively, leading to frustration, and even more serious complications, such as long-term employee dissatisfaction and burn out.

Business Related Issues

Using outdated scheduling methods, such as pen and paper or excel spreadsheets, means that the scheduler is likely wasting a lot of valuable time building schedules and then making numerous changes by hand. This can also lead to more errors occurring, especially since all changes have to be entered manually. This unnecessary, tedious, and time-consuming scheduling process requires excessive amounts of manpower that could be better spent elsewhere.

With the use of automated, web-based staff scheduling software, organizations can avoid these scheduling pitfalls that are all too common with outdated scheduling methods, as well as saving both time and money.

How can online employee scheduling software help your business or organization?

Payroll Compiling

Online employee scheduling software can be configured to record all of the complex variables related to your employee payroll. This allows you to easily compile a concise and accurate report for your payroll system. Payroll can be complicated, but this can handle even the most complicated payroll processes, greatly simplifying payroll compilation for your organization.

Track Overtime

Online employee scheduling software provides overtime alerts, which can be overridden at an admin level. Employees can also request to work OT shifts, pending admin approval.

Messaging Capabilities

Thanks to the integrated messaging capabilities with employee scheduling software, common scheduling errors due to miscommunications will be greatly reduced or even eliminated. Admins and scheduling managers can send out urgent messages, such as any last-minute shift openings that need to be filled. Gone are the days of schedulers having to go down a phone list, only to be met with answering machines. Messages are time stamped and confirmed when read so you can see if they have been reviewed or not.

Improve Productivity

Productivity modules are integrated into the daily schedule for each unit and provide immediate calculation of care hours per patient day based on department census levels. With a simple click of the “submit” button, labor cost data for departments is calculated and displayed in real time for each department. This incredibly useful feature enables the admin to immediately manage safe staffing levels while also promoting fiscal responsibility through strict budget adherence.

Rules-Based Self-Scheduling

Give your employees a sense of freedom and control over their schedules, while also saving time with the help of rules-based self-scheduling software. After the schedule is set and released, remaining shifts are available for self-scheduling by unit-based employees. This gives your employees the flexibility they desire, while still ensuring individual work targets are met and safe staffing levels remain. Management defines the setup and features can be turned on/off for the entire department, or per employee.

By utilizing web-based staff scheduling software from Schedule360, businesses and organizations can significantly reduce or eliminate financial disasters and complications associated with using outdated scheduling methods. Contact us today for a customized demo of our award-winning software.