Providers and physicians around the country are turning to telemedicine as a new way to reach their patients. However, trying to adapt your provider shifts or work schedule with telemedicine shifts is challenging as it requires you to re-think the way staff scheduling is done within your facility.

Organize Chaos With Scheduling Software

Benefits of Telehealth Provider Scheduling Software

Credential and Qualification Tracking

Utilizing Schedule360 telemedicine provider scheduling software makes it easy for schedulers to keep track of skills and credentials in employee profiles.

When creating a schedule, shifts can be broken down by shift type and credentials required, making sure that only those qualified to work the shift are scheduled.

Schedule Transparency through Dashboard reporting and Cross-Matching Capabilities

Our software makes it easy to sort and match providers based on credentials, licensure, geography, and specialties. It can also alert employees when recertification is due.

Schedue360 Dashboard reporting allows for transparency of all scheduled provider shifts across all locations. Our gap coverage report identifies open shifts for backfill, that before, may have fallen through the cracks of provider coverage.


Schedule360’s robust web-based solution is ideal for any medical setting regardless of staff size, facility type, or physician or provider specialties. All registered providers can log in from any connected device to see their schedule and request open shifts.

We also have the ability to configure for providers to self-schedule into open shifts.

Shift Reminders

Schedulers can send automated messages via text, email, or within the platform to providers and physicians letting them know of upcoming shifts.

When changes to the schedule happen, schedulers and admins can send alerts and messages to providers to let them know of changes.

Payroll Compiling

Schedule360 can be configured to record all of the complex variables associated with payroll, allowing you to easily compile a concise report for your payroll system.

Internal Messaging Capabilities

Our telehealth provider scheduling software offers secure messaging for better collaboration between all staff – those seeing patients in person and by telemedicine services.

If your clinical support staff is handling any in-person monitoring or testing, your providers and physicians can send messages through the platform to direct them to the appropriate care.

24/7 Customer Support

Healthcare is a 24/7 job, so why isn’t your scheduling software support available 24/7?

Schedule360 offers live 24/7 customer support for all Schedule360 customers.

Schedule360 is robust enough to handle your toughest telemedicine scheduling hurdles.

Whether all your providers are in one geographic location or spread out over the country, Schedule360’s telemedicine provider scheduling software can meet the unique demands of your practice.

Telemedicine appointments can be for a variety of health appointments and specialties including:

  • Primary health
  • Urgent care
  • Mental health
  • OB-Gynecology
  • Orthopedics
  • Dermatology
  • Plastic surgery
  • Cardiology
  • Radiology

Cutting edge, virtual medicine deserves an equally cutting-edge, web-based scheduling solution to efficiently manage shift schedules for providers. The complexity of tracking and managing provider scheduling and credentials by facility, licensure, and or appointment type is an impossible task when performed in a manual environment of a homegrown system or an excel spreadsheet.

The potential for scheduling errors increases exponentially as the number of providers and locations grow, opening the door for negative outcomes. Accidentally scheduling the wrong provider, with the wrong credentials, in the wrong facility, exposes your organization to a lawsuit, or worse, endangering the care of your patients.

Types Of Physician and Provider Scheduling

  • In-person scheduling
  • Telehealth appointment
  • In-home
  • On-call
  • On-demand
  • Combination of rotations

Providers need employee scheduling software that can meet the unique demands of telemedicine schedules. An integrated cloud-based software, responsive to telehealth scheduling challenges.

Schedule360’s scheduling software can be configured to meet the demands of telemedicine provider scheduling. Using Schedule360, telehealth providers will have organized schedules that can meet the demands of any busy provider practice or hospital rotation.

Schedule360 Scheduling Software Solution

Schedule360’s robust scheduling platform can be configured to meet your provider scheduling software needs.

Experience the many benefits a streamlined scheduling process will provide you and your telehealth providers.

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