Technology Helps Navigate Scheduling Challenges During COVID-19

May 26, 2020

Two doctors in a meeting smiling.The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt around the world, with businesses scrambling to adapt to the ever-changing realities, guidelines, and circumstances. None has felt the impact quite like the healthcare industry. While some may have viewed the increase in technology as a negative in the past, if this difficult situation has shown us anything, it’s how vital and helpful the use of technology can be in an emergency or crisis situation.

Schedule360 can help you navigate these difficult waters by offering configurable staffing solutions that can help you streamline your scheduling needs while staying afloat.

Keep Your Staff Updated

In times like this, providing your staff with clear scheduling information quickly and efficiently is vital to a successful outcome.

Understand Available Resources

Healthcare organizations, especially schedulers, need to be able to view their available resources, such as provider availability, including the providers’ specific skills and qualifications, in order to determine the true capacity to treat patients.

Track and Manage the Demand

As COVID-19 continues to cause an increase in demands in certain areas of healthcare such as emergency medicine and intensive care, buildings are being converted into makeshift medical facilities. These makeshift facilities still need to be staffed, so healthcare organizations need to have quick access to information so they can view where the demand exists.

Match Resources to Demand

Once the provider availability and location demand has been determined, providers can be assigned or matched up with new tasks, departments, or healthcare facilities to help support the increase in patient numbers.

Real-Time, Web-Based Access to Schedule

Scheduling software provides your entire team with real-time, web-based, 24/7 access to their schedule from anywhere, including important coverage information, such as which providers and staff are assigned to which locations.

Provide Transparency

Our specialized staffing solution can provide complete transparency across units and facilities by allowing admins to see who is working and who is not.

Enhanced Messaging Feature

When it comes to healthcare scheduling, Schedule360 understands the importance of management being able to effectively and quickly communicate their scheduling needs to their staff, especially in times like this. Therefore, our messaging features have been enhanced with new and improved features, such as providing everyone with a message board where admins can use the messaging tab to text live updates or send messages to only those employees working or who are already on the schedule.

Employees will receive messages in real time whenever their time-off request was approved or denied, and reminder messages for days they are scheduled to work, if recertification is approaching or necessary, receive float scheduling alerts, or any other urgent information that needs to be communicated to them in a timely manner.

Having these messaging features greatly improves all aspects of employee communication by being able to stay in touch with your employees, and avoid those common pitfalls that arise, such as employees saying they didn’t get the message, as messages are time stamped and confirmed when read.

If you’re looking for scheduling tools to help you better manage and track staffing demands, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re all in this together, so you should never feel that you have to figure this out on your own. Schedule360 has been successfully helping businesses and healthcare organizations come up with specialized staffing solutions that are tailored and designed to fit their specific needs for years, and we’re eager and ready to help serve you as well. Contact us today for a customized demo of our robust, highly configurable scheduling software.