Staff Scheduling Software Creates Resilient Workforce in Uncertain Times

January 13, 2021

Manual scheduling methods served their purpose in the past, but in today’s technology-based world, they simply don’t measure up. Outdated methods are not only difficult to manage but plagued with inadequacies.

If you’re still relying on manual scheduling methods, it’s time to phase that out and switch to an automated scheduling solution. Implementing staff scheduling software keeps your entire workforce on the same page which is especially important during uncertain times like these.

Administrator creating a manual staff schedule.

·  Long Term Innovative Strategies Bring Value

Our robust web-based scheduling software application provides customers with an immediate break-even and a long-term ROI.

·  Easily Adhere to Industry Regulations

Schedule360 staff scheduling software solution is configurable to support virtually any type of business and scheduling requirement, making it easy to adhere to industry regulations.

·  Configurable to the Unique Needs of Your Business

Our software solution is configurable to meet your unique needs with unlimited scalability. We are not a one-and-done scheduling software as our system is designed to grow and change with your organization’s needs.

·  Reporting

Our dashboard reports provide a quick, concise overview of your schedule and labor variance status. Schedule360 recently developed an integrated workforce management report that allows users to measure metrics to drive labor target compliance.

·  API Integrations

Schedule360 works well with your current workforce management strategies, and can be connected to systems you may already be using to maximize data management and save time.

·  Rules-Based Guidelines

Gives employees a sense of flexibility and ownership of their work-life balance while still ensuring individual and staffing work targets are met to ensure balanced shift coverage leading to better quality care.

·  Schedule Transparency

Our robust scheduling software provides 24/7 access to schedules from any mobile device.

·  Communication

Our Internal messaging platform allows for better collaboration and communication between staff.

·  Streamlined and Optimized

Eliminate time consuming tasks by streamlining and optimizing your workforce with easy access to forecasting demand and labor reports.

·  Fair Scheduling Practices

Scheduling software allows for fair and concise scheduling practices. With scheduling guidelines and processes to follow for balanced shift coverage, everyone is on the same page and scheduling is distributed fairly based on rules and expectations, not exceptions.

·  Efficient OT Management

Schedule360 manages overtime with fairness and accountability for all staff by tracking overtime and ensuring it’s in compliance with set rules and regulations you create.

·  Shift Reminders

Eliminate no shows by sending staff time-stamped shift reminders of scheduling changes that may be irregular to scheduling patterns they’re used to.

·  Payroll Compiling

Configured to record all of the complex variables associated with your employee payroll. Easily compile a concise report for your payroll service that is easy to follow and exportable.

Guided Implementation Process

Our software solution is designed to be easily configured to the way you work. During our guided implementation process, a Schedule360 representative will work closely with you to understand your unique scheduling needs and wants, while also getting you set up with an additional support network, including our IT team, training department, and account administration.

Continued Tech Support

Schedule360 includes flexible online training, but if you ever need personal assistance, our customer support team is always available to you 24/7.

Create and Manage Your Schedule Efficiently

Altering your current scheduling process when demands on your schedulers are high may seem out of reach. With the many benefits scheduling software has to offer, it just doesn’t make sense to continue doing things the hard way-even if that means implementing a new process during a pandemic. Making a small change in the way you manage your schedule can make a big impact on your workforce, and you won’t be going it alone. We’ll be right here to guide you through an uninterrupted transition by providing everything you’ll need to improve the way you manage and allocate your resources. Leave the spreadsheets in the past where they belong, and work smarter, not harder this year with Schedule360’s award-winning software solution.