Adequate physician and clinical staff coverage is a long-standing concern in healthcare.

Organizational inefficiency, personnel issues, and inaccurate scheduling are issues that can have a negative impact on the level of patient care. A fair and organized physician schedule is a great benefit to schedulers, physicians, administrators, and patients. Cutting-edge hospital scheduling software can make a big difference.

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Whether you are scheduling emergency department shifts, hospitalists, mid-level rotations at the hospital, or student activities that require proper staffing, Schedule360 is the most comprehensive, flexible, and adaptable physician scheduling software available. It is highly configurable and can be tailored to fit the unique needs of your practice group. Schedule360’s healthcare scheduling software can be the difference between success and disaster for your organization.

The Schedule360 Difference

Physicians and staff want to focus on their important jobs of caring for patients. Sometimes agonizing over their shifts gets in the way. Schedule360 can help you optimize shift scheduling, reduce physician burnout, and improve patient care. Our healthcare scheduling software is designed to simplify staff scheduling, time and attendance, and payroll tasks for hospitals, clinics and practice management groups. As a web-based solution, Schedule360 supports real-time scheduling and communication with busy physicians online 24/7. Our powerful physician-hospital scheduling software is highly configurable and can be customized to fit your organization’s unique needs. Group Practice Managers and mid-level clinical staff have physician scheduling information at their fingertips and always know each physician’s credentials, availability, on-call rotations, and regulated ratios. Proactive scheduling results in better patient care, reducing unnecessary overtime, and improving physician satisfaction.

Schedule360’s Physician Scheduling Software helps you:


  • Simplify the task of managing complex staff schedules (including office hours, on-call, hospital rounds, surgeries, etc.).


  • Ensure you have adequate staff on-call at all times with advance on-call features.


  • Automatically remain compliant with union and governmental regulations.


  • Communicate and collaborate with your staff in real time (online/mobile) – even when they are off the clock.


Schedule360’s healthcare scheduling software enables you to manage complex clinical work assignments more effectively. Distributing and tracking all work assignments has never been this easy. Contact us today for a personalized demo of our physician scheduling software and experience for yourself why leading organizations are choosing Schedule360.