If your facility provides direct care patient hours for Medicare or Medicaid services, you are familiar with the payroll-based journal reporting requirements.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) provides a 5 Star rating system so that consumers can compare nursing homes in the categories of: Nursing Staffing, Annual Inspection Results, and Quality Measures. As CMS believes that quality of patient care is directly related to a facility’s staffing levels, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Section 6106, now requires skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) to electronically submit direct staffing information based on payroll and other comprehensive data.

Payroll based journal reporting requires a high level of detail as well as accuracy when submitting the data. Facilities can face fines and delays with reimbursement if the date is not submitted in the correct format and in a timely manner. These specific data capture and submission requirements often result in more work for many facilities. Schedule360 offers a cloud-based employee scheduling software solution that allows you to greatly streamline your scheduling and timekeeping procedures and processes.

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Schedule360 Delivers:

Integrated Direct-Care Hours Captured for Every Shift

To streamline the reporting process for Patient Direct-Care Hours, Schedule360-PBJ offers an integrated module that captures scheduled employee hours, by shift, for easy download an entry into the quarterly Payroll Based Journal report. Every shift is captured by employee and department, and automatically defaults Direct Care Hours less Non-Productive Lunch Breaks.

Automated Capture for Floated Shifts – No Manual Input of Hour Changes

When an employee shift is floated to a different department, the hours associated with this shift automatically split correctly and is captured on each unit worked for accurate reporting.

Accurate Capture of Hours Less Non-Productive Lunch Breaks – Easy Adjustment as Needed

All shifts include standard lunch times or breaks factored into Direct Care Hours reporting. Gone are the days of having to manually subtract non-productive hours for payroll-based journal reporting. Should a shift need to be adjusted, the process involves a simple click of the mouse to capture revised hours with a drop-down selection for accurate capture of where the non-productive time is reported.

Night Shift (NOC) Shift reporting with Split Direct-Care Hours

Night shift direct-care hours are automatically split to report part of the shift on the previous day and the remaining hours after midnight. Non-productive lunch breaks default to after midnight, but can easily be adjusted as needed with a click of the mouse.

One Click Download of Reportable Hours – 24×7 Access for Audit Purposes

PBJ direct-care hours data is available 24×7 and can be downloaded immediately to the admin users email address. Data is stored and available indefinitely and reports can be generated on demand and sorted by employee, department, facility, or enterprise for any time period: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.

The easiest method to ensure compliance within the multiple rules, regulations, and laws associated with payroll-based journal reporting is to utilize employee scheduling software. Contact us today to see how our best employee software solution can automate even the most difficult and tedious of manual processes.