Schedule360 is a suite of advanced web-based employee scheduling software and labor management applications that are designed to reduce the time you spend scheduling and communicating with your employees. Schedule360 is the ideal employee scheduling software solution for virtually any type of business because of its highly configurable and scalable design. Its flexible, rules-based functionality enables the software to be set up to fit your unique needs – regardless of the size, type or complexity of your organization.

Reduce Labor Costs

With workforce management software by Schedule360, you can reduce labor costs by easily identifying which employees meet the qualifications and certifications required to fill open shifts and only offer those shifts to staff who meet the qualifications, allowing you to maximize your bottom line without sacrificing patient safety. By using an advanced rules system, shifts are aligned to fit within the guidelines of scheduling and overtime rules and policies.

Communicate Efficiently

By utilizing employee scheduling software, you can also quickly and easily communicate any urgent, last minute, staffing needs without having to flip through outdated phone books, only to be met with their voicemail. Messages are delivered in real-time and are time stamped to prevent those awkward situations of employees saying they never received the message. By streamlining communication, this reduces the amount of no shows, double bookings, and gaps in coverage, providing a higher level of patient safety and satisfaction.

“It’s all in one platform, the customer service and support that Schedule360 provides is excellent. And it’s all at your fingertips. Anything you need, scheduling lives is right there, you can just pop it open on your phone. It’s so convenient.”

Leonard Googelman

James Root

District Pharmacy Manager, Stop & Shop

Boost Employee Morale

Employee scheduling software also improves employee morale by allowing employees some independence, flexibility, and a sense of control over their own scheduling needs. They can make time-off requests, swap shifts, pick up extra shifts, and more while still adhering to the rules and guidelines set by management.

Schedule360 workforce management software dramatically improves workplace efficiency, boosts employee morale, streamlines communication, enhances employee engagement, tracks compliance, increases productivity, reduces costs, and so much more. It’s easy to see why Schedule360 is the best employee scheduling software. It can easily and effectively manage and optimize all of your scheduling needs in one user-friendly software solution. Contact us to schedule a customized demo to see how Schedule360 can help you transform your workforce.