Nurse Scheduling Software

Schedule360 gives you the power to make better scheduling decisions. Labor is the number one asset in any hospital or healthcare system, but at up to 60% of the total operating budget, it also represents the number one expense.

Effective management of labor, to ensure the right skills with the optimal nurse staffing levels, is the single most important task for a healthcare organization to control costs. In addition, as a fast-paced, 24/7 operation with unpredictable patient volumes, managing nurse schedules is critical to delivering the best care possible to your patients.

The Schedule360 nurse scheduling software is the solution you need to keep your organization on task.

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The Schedule360 Difference

You work hard to make sure your organization is above the standard in healthcare. You need an employee management system that fits your unique needs. Our powerful nurse scheduling software is highly configurable and can be tailored to fit your healthcare organization’s individual requirements. As a web-based nurse scheduling software solution, Schedule360 supports real-time functions of productivity measurement, employee shift scheduling, census-based cost controls, float pools, and more. Schedule360 can help you control workforce costs, minimize compliance risks, improve staff productivity, and deliver the highest quality of patient care.

Nursing Shortage Solutions

It is no secret there continues to be a shortage of qualified nurses; this leads to stressed-out nurses who work incredibly long hours with a lot of overtime. You can curb this problem with Schedule360’s cutting edge technology. We offer nursing shortage solutions with the click of a mouse. Our nurse scheduling software makes it quick and easy for nurses to communicate their work preferences. They can also take advantage of self-scheduling for nurses, which leads to a better work-life balance and reduced burnout. You can also easily fill last-minutes needs effortlessly with integrated messaging. Our nurse scheduling software lets you easily manage nurses across healthcare facilities and roles in real-time.

Schedule360 Nurse Scheduling Software Features

Schedule360’s proven nurse scheduling software is guaranteed to make sure you have the right staff in the right place at the right time. We take the frustration and guesswork out of clinical and support staff scheduling with software and workforce management applications that streamline and automate the process.

Schedule360 delivers Nurse Scheduling Software with:

  • Advanced, Clinically-Focused Scheduling Automation
    Supports the assignment of the proper staff to patients and balanced workload distribution.
  • Optimized Staff Scheduling
    Ensures you have the proper clinical and support staff coverage for every shift in a fast-paced clinical environment.
  • Self-Scheduling for Nurses
    Allows employees to search and accept shifts within their licensure and qualifications online via a computer or mobile device.
  • Proactive Scheduling
    Integrated real-time reports allow one-click management of employee compliance to work targets and enable rapid schedule management.
  • Last-Minute Schedule Management
    Enables last-minute critical needs to be dispatched to all qualified employees to ensure optimal coverage for any situation.
  • Integrated Productivity Tools
    Advanced productivity tools include daily, weekly and monthly reports with HPPD, staff ratios, census-based targets, and cluster comparisons.
  • Message 360™ Integrated Communication
    Communicate essential information to your employees’ e-mail, Message Board and Mobile Device.
  • Survey 360™
    Allows the creation and dispatch of any Staff Survey for your facility or organization. Employees receive a Survey link to their Message Boards and complete online. Results are captured immediately for Management viewing.
  • Labor Tracking Analytics
    Monitor schedules and labor costs in real-time to ensure optimal labor coverage for every shift.

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