The Best Employee Scheduling Software For In-Patient or Out-Patient Clinics and Urgent Care Staffing Needs

Urgent Care StaffingChanging dynamics in healthcare have increased the reliance on inpatient and outpatient clinics, with urgent care organizations growing in record numbers. These fast-paced healthcare environments often face fluctuating patient volumes and require agile urgent care staffing strategies to optimize profitability and deliver the highest quality patient care. Too much staff costs money. Too little staff affects wait times and patient satisfaction.

The Schedule360™ suite of Employee Scheduling Software and Workforce Management Software solutions are designed to streamline and automate the process of clinical staff scheduling for inpatient, outpatient, and urgent care clinics. As a web-based employee scheduling solution, Schedule360 helps you align staff with demand to control labor costs, minimize compliance risks, improve staff productivity, and deliver the highest quality of patient care. This proven scheduling application is highly configurable and can be configured to fit your clinic’s unique needs.

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Schedule360 Delivers The Most Comprehensive Urgent Care Staffing

  • Optimized Employee Scheduling
    Ensures you have the proper staff coverage in a fast-paced clinic environment.
  • Multi-Facility Staff Sharing
    Easily schedule, share and move staff across multiple facilities to float your labor pool and allocate staff where needed.
  • Real-Time Mobile Communication
    Send scheduling requests or changes to employees in real time via text message or email.
  • Improved Employee Satisfaction
    Empower employees to collaboratively schedule themselves to fill open shifts, request PTO or change shifts online.
  • Labor Tracking Analytics With Advanced Reporting Tools
    Managers can monitor schedules and labor costs in real time for proactive labor management.
  • Advanced Labor Reports
    Managers gain access to a suite of real-time and downloadable reports for advanced labor management.