A Proven Hospitalist Scheduling Software

Managing clinical staff within a hospital environment is a challenging task when patient volumes fluctuate and the appropriate staff must be aligned with patient needs. On top of that, hospitalists often work on a different type of schedule than other disciplines within a hospital, adding to the list of scheduling challenges. Hospitalists typically work 12 to 14 hour days for seven days straight, followed by seven days off. This can be difficult for hospitalists with families, or for older employees who don’t have the stamina they once had to deal with this type of schedule, possibly leading to physician burnout. Effectively scheduling hospitalists to treat patients requires an agile employee scheduling solution with real-time communication and collaboration. That’s exactly what Schedule360 delivers with workforce management software.

Streamline Your Scheduling Process

The Schedule360 suite of hospitalist scheduling software and workforce management software are designed to streamline and automate the process of hospitalist scheduling. As a web-based scheduling solution, Schedule360 provides the best employee scheduling software that supports real-time communication and centralized collaboration using the latest online and mobile technologies. This proven scheduling application is highly configurable and can be tailored to fit your unique needs. Hospitalist scheduling software also helps prevent confusion, errors, and costly mistakes by enabling the scheduler to make schedule changes online, allowing the hospitalist to access their schedule in real-time from any mobile device with internet access. This not only gives physicians easy access to their schedules but prevents the schedulers from having to perform those mundane, repetitive, and time-consuming daily tasks associated with scheduling. This gives them more time to focus on other important areas, such as analyzing trends or managing expenses.

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Schedule360 delivers:

  • Advanced, Clinically-Focused Scheduling Automation
    Supports the assignment of the proper hospitalist staff to patients and balanced workload distribution.
  • Optimized Staff Scheduling
    Ensures you have the proper hospitalist coverage for every shift in a fast-paced clinical environment.
  • Mobile Communication And Collaboration
    Empowers hospitalists to collaboratively schedule themselves to fill open shifts or change shifts online through any mobile device.
  • Labor Tracking Analytics
    Managers can monitor hospitalist scheduling and labor costs in real time.

Since hospitalists are at the forefront of patient satisfaction, it is absolutely critical that all facilities address the serious concerns regarding scheduling in order to prevent burnout. Workforce management software by Schedule360 not only addresses the specific needs of a busy physician but can adapt to them as well. With the best employee scheduling software at your disposal, satisfaction levels from both physicians and patients are almost guaranteed to only go up from here. Contact us today to schedule a customized demo and experience the Schedule360 difference today!