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Float Pool Employee Scheduling Software

Employee Scheduling Software for Float Pool Scheduling

Float Pool Staff offer a valuable option for filling critical, open shifts. The challenge most hospitals face is the balancing act of efficiently matching an employee’s availability to the specific requirements of multiple shift openings. A never-ending, manual scheduling process consisting of spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls leaves staff unscheduled and shifts unfilled, leading to employee dissatisfaction or worse, a decrease in the quality of patient care.

As a secure cloud-hosted solution, Schedule360 supports real-time scheduling and communication with your Float Pool Staff, online, 24/7. Managers and schedulers have Float Pool Employee scheduling information at their fingertips and always know each employee’s qualifications, credentials, and availability.

Schedule360 for Float Pools allows critical-need, Float Pools shift requests to be created directly in the system by nursing managers or schedulers, even if your health system uses another employee scheduling software or a manual scheduling process. Shifts are then instantaneously matched to qualified and available Float Pool staff, providing transparency and automated options for filling one or multiple shifts.  Schedule360 provides configurability (turn on/off) for the level of access by Float Pool employees to post availability and/or self-schedule into Float Pool-only openings.  One-Click reporting for management illustrates in detail, the Float Pool employee scheduled for each shift.  The fire drill for managing last-minute text messaging, call-outs, and cancellations can become a thing of the past

With Employee Scheduling Software For Float Pools, Schedule360 Delivers
  • Stand-Alone or Integrated System
    Schedule360 can be built as a Stand-Alone Solution to manage Float Pool openings or the Float Pool Module can be integrated into a Schedule360 Enterprise Scheduling system for all Hospital Health-System Departments.
  • Enterprise Dashboard Display & Reporting
    Identify and Manage all Open Shifts for Float Pool Coverage Track and Report Real Time Fill Rates – 24/7 Web Access from anywhere.
  • Multi-Facility Staff Sharing
    Easily schedule, share and move Float Pool Staff across multiple facilities to allocate and fill critical needs.
  • Float Pool Staff Online Access for Availability
    Staff can post availability 24/7 online via Computer or Mobile Site Self -Scheduling into open shifts as allowed by Facility.
  • Employee Self-Scheduling
    If desired, allow staff to search and accept shifts within their qualifications online via a computer or mobile device.
  • Proactive Employee Scheduling
    Integrated real-time reports allow one-click management of compliance to work targets and enable rapid schedule management.
  • Dispatch – Last Minute Schedule Management
    Enables last minute critical needs to be dispatched to all qualified employees to ensure optimal coverage for any situation.
  • Real-Time Communication
    Instantly communicate essential information to your Float Staff e-mail, message boards and mobile devices.

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