Be Prepared For Disaster with Employee Scheduling Software

During a disaster, every minute counts. Coordinating the schedules of government agencies, first responders, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), military, and volunteer organizations is vital to saving lives and gaining control of chaotic situations. Schedule360™ offers a web-based solution that with integrated message dispatch, allowing you to instantly communicate and collaborate with disaster response personnel using the latest online and mobile technologies. It provides real-time visibility of work schedules and allows you to identify available staff with the proper skills and certifications to work in the areas that require additional staffing.

Optimize Your Resources

Should vital employees not be present or physically able to help out during an emergency situation, it’s crucial to take inventory of the resources that you do have at your disposal. Thanks to the help of workforce management software, you can quickly track and organize the skills and resources your business or organization currently has available. By being able to promptly access and take inventory of the proficiency and skill level of the present employees, as well as be able to see which skills you’re now lacking on due to a sudden employee loss or mass absence in attendance. This is also helpful for even smaller, less urgent emergencies, such as a widespread flu outbreak that suddenly infects an entire department, causing them to all call-in sick at once.

Superior Labor Management

In addition to municipalities, hospitals can utilize Schedule360 to manage nursing and support staff in real-time and instantly communicate and collaborate with clinical staff to ensure proper emergency response to treat incoming patients. Ensuring that your employees are still able to effectively communicate and keep in frequent contact with each other during an unforeseen emergency situation will be instrumental in them being able to pull together and provide each other with some much needed support to get through a difficult situation, as well as the ability to quickly relay critical and potentially lifesaving information back and forth to each other during times of stress and crisis.

Everything You Need, All in One Place

Schedule360 is designed to simplify and automate employee scheduling of personnel and emergency response teams during disasters. It supports multi-organization scheduling, centralized communication, and mass notification with real-time data. Schedule360 is scalable and configurable workforce management software that goes far beyond just scheduling. It can be utilized in “normal mode” for daily routine scheduling of employees and instantly switched into “disaster mode” with the click of a mouse to orchestrate your disaster plan. With a centralized cloud-based system like Schedule360, all of your important documents are filed safely and securely and are easily accessible once you’re back up and running again, so it’s easy to pick up where you left off before disaster struck. Make Schedule360 part of your disaster preparedness initiatives and let us give you one less thing to worry about. Contact us today for a customized demo.

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