Simplified Labor Staffing Solutions as Pandemic Evolves

December 15, 2020

As the pandemic surges, web-based staff scheduling solutions provide an easy way to adjust schedules based on current staffing needs in real-time.

Managing healthcare staffing is never an easy task, especially during challenging times. Overseeing the demands of shift coverage, optimizing current staff, and the necessary revisions to staff schedules can consume a significant amount of time for healthcare managers and schedulers.

Nurse scheduler sitting at a desk creating the staff schedule.

Streamlining your scheduling process will free up your schedulers and administrators during high volume times and allow you to allocate resources and staff more efficiently. A simplified labor staffing solution is within your reach, and the implementation of a robust, web-based scheduling software like Schedule360 can be the easiest, most beneficial thing you can do, even now, when your workflows seem overwhelming and you can’t imagine adding one more thing to your to-do list.

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible scheduling practices ensure maximum shift coverage at all times, both proactively, for future scheduling periods, and reactively, for the current scheduling period. Automated scheduling software includes the ability for employees to swap shifts and self-schedule (if you choose), using rules-based guidelines that you can set up based on the unique processes of your unit or facility.

OT Alerts

Schedule360 software provides overtime alerts on shifts that places an employee in OT for the work week or pay period. Alerts can be overridden by admin, and employees have the ability to request OT work, pending admin approval. This flexibility allows you to optimize the workforce you have and eliminates unnecessary agency dependence, increased cost of labor, and the continuum of care inefficiencies that come with utilizing agency labor.

Credential Tracking

With employee scheduling software, credentials and licensure are tracked and stored in employee profiles to ensure that safe levels of staffing are occurring on every shift, which is especially helpful in times like these. Preset guidelines you create, prevent employees from picking up shifts they aren’t qualified to fill. In addition to this equating to quality patient care, automated reminders of upcoming renewals are sent which notify both employee and management so there is little chance your workforce will experience a lapse in licensure.

Internal Messaging Platform

Automated communication tools, including an internal messaging platform, ensures that employees are always able to communicate with each other and get the real-time information they need in order to do their job safely. Messages are time stamped and confirmed when read, so you know with certainty that the message was received.

Float Staff Management

Employee scheduling software can help you better manage your float pools by organizing your workforce to cover gaps in coverage versus having to rely on expensive agency staff to fill in last minute shifts. By leveraging automated scheduling software to optimize your current staff, you can stay on top of float pool scheduling while better utilizing your own healthcare staff resources.

Guided Implementation Process

Schedule360’s guided implementation process is designed to get you set up with a scheduling software solution that is configured to specifically fit your needs. You’ll receive a dedicated representative to work with you to discover your unique scheduling needs and manage the setup. With our IT, Training, and Administrative teams working together, we do all the heavy lifting as far as the implementation goes. Since our software is configured to your facility and scheduling processes, implementing the new system is efficient and seamless.

Continued Tech Support

Our customer support team is always here for you, even after your initial onboarding is complete. We understand the difficulties you face with implementing a brand new system and processes while you are in the middle of a very busy time. Schedule360 offers ongoing 24/7 customer and tech support that reaches far beyond setup, so if you’ve got questions or concerns, we’re here to help.

Schedule360 understands the scheduling challenges associated with a pandemic, and that’s why our simplified labor staffing solutions are all about tackling those challenges before they become an issue. Automated scheduling practices make it possible to adapt to changes quickly and efficiently, without having a negative impact on your employees or your workflows. With our software scheduling solution, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

We realize that the timing for starting a new project in the middle of a pandemic may not seem ideal. The reality however, is that adopting an efficient schedule management process to ensure your critical shifts are covered is a key component to providing high quality care to your patients in need. Schedule360 provides all of the tools necessary to accomplish this for you. We are here to help, and we’re ready to guide you through a seamless transition. Struggling with the same scheduling methods time after time will get you the same results. Making a small change in the way you oversee scheduling will have an enormous impact on your scheduling processes. Contact Schedule360 today for a configured demo of our amazing scheduling solution.