Simple Solutions for Complex Scheduling

September 13, 2021

Employee scheduling can be an extremely time-consuming and complex process, especially in healthcare. Chances are good your schedulers regularly factor in additional considerations for gaps in coverage, staff call-offs, OT thresholds, meeting target work hours, and balancing shifts based on credentials. The reality of low staffing levels, tight budgets, and high employee turnover rates can complicate things even more.

Facilities are now turning to technology and strategic scheduling to help address their unique staffing needs.

Here are just a few of the many ways employee scheduling software by Schedule360 is helping administrators and schedulers overcome scheduling headaches.

Healthcare scheduler working at her computer.

Customizable Features

If you’ve been looking for staff scheduling software, you’re probably realizing a one-size-fits-all solution simply doesn’t work. With Schedule360 you can select only those features you need, eliminate those you don’t, and add or remove features in the future as your business model evolves. Our support is ongoing too, so should your scheduling needs change in the future, Schedule360 is happy to create or adapt a feature to help solve the problem.

Works With Current Processes

Schedule360 is designed to work along with your current processes, so there’s no need to undergo an overhaul of your entire scheduling system. Our goal is to relieve your stress, not add to it. Everything we do is designed to make things easier for you, and many of our features have been created or improved based on client requests and feedback from users.

API integration

Schedule360 integrates seamlessly with leading payroll, HR, and CRM software and services to save you time and simplify your scheduling process. We use ORDS-Oracle REST Data Services to securely transfer employee credentials, time-off requests, schedules, and punch data between Schedule360 and third-party applications.

Automate Your Call-Off Process

Automate your daily call-off process with our unique centralized call-off feature. Instead of staff calling in, they enter their call-off information online within the platform. Once their call-off is submitted, it’s processed and the admins can decide what to do with the now open shift. Free up your resources by not having to “man the phones” to process hundreds of call-offs beginning at 6m and continuing well into the afternoon. This task can easily monopolize your day, but Schedule360 offers a better way to oversee and take charge of this common staff scheduling pain point.

Credential Tracking

Our scheduling software can track the credentials, licensure, and skills of your staff by storing them in employee profiles. Skills that require recertification are tracked by the expiration date and the system can be set up to alert employees 60 days prior to expiration. Management is provided with color-coded reports that display expired or almost expired licensure and skills. Systematically managing this information prevents employees who lack certain qualifications from filling shifts they aren’t skilled or licensed to fulfill.

Holiday Scheduling

Establishing a set of clearly defined rules for who can take time off and when is essential anytime, but this process is especially helpful during the holidays. We provide a robust holiday preference module, helping admins build holiday schedules with staff preferences in mind, while at the same time ensuring adequate coverage and balanced care for all holidays.

Shift Swaps/Self-Scheduling

Using our rules-based self-scheduling feature is optional, and it allows employees to swap shifts and self-schedule, but management defines the set up and guidelines, like picking up a shift that will put an employee into OT, for admin approval. After shifts are released for the upcoming schedule and immediate booking of set scheduled shifts are complete, the remaining open shifts become available to employees via the self-scheduling feature. Self-scheduling provides employees with a sense of freedom while still ensuring individual work targets are being met and safe staffing levels are occurring.

Schedule Transparency

Our cloud-based scheduling software provides complete schedule transparency, giving schedulers the ability to view the schedule in ways that make managing schedules for multiple locations an easier process. Employees can view their schedules 24/7 from any mobile device with internet access, leading to a dramatic reduction in the number of employees having to call, text, or email admins to find out when they’re scheduled to work next, or what time that shift they picked up starts. It also lowers the number of missed shifts as employees receive instant alerts in real-time should their schedule happen to change, or they need to be reminded of a shift they picked up that isn’t within their typical working hours.

Easy implementation

Schedule360’s easy implementation process is designed to quickly get you set up with a scheduling software solution that’s configured to your specific staff scheduling needs. Throughout the implementation process we do all the heavy lifting for you and provide you with a step-by-step guided plan designed to make the entire implementation process as seamless as possible.

Implementation doesn’t have to happen overnight either. There’s absolutely no pressure to take on Schedule360 and implement it into your entire facility all at once. You can ease into the process slowly and at your own pace, even unit-by-unit if that’s what works best for you. Once you become familiar with our scheduling software and experience how easy it is to set up and use, you’ll be anxious to start implementing our software into other units.

Why Schedule360?

Schedule360 employee scheduling software is highly configurable and can work for virtually any type of business, no matter the size or industry. We never stop discovering and developing new, innovative ways to provide unique scheduling solutions with schedulers and end users in mind. Contact us to find out how you can schedule a configured demo to see for yourself how seamless and efficient our scheduling software solution can be for your facility. At Schedule360, We Know Scheduling™