Self-Reporting for Licensure and Credentials

March 29, 2021

Schedule360 released a new feature to allow users to self-report their licensing requirements, renewals, and other credentials. Admins can create credentials for self-reporting and users are able to upload and create their own profiles.


Licensing and credentialing for pharmacists is difficult to keep track of, especially since each individual pharmacist has different renewal dates for their licensure. We were able to assist one of our chain pharmacy clients by developing an innovative solution to one of their common scheduling pain points. They wanted a simple way for their pharmacists to self-report their state licensing and renewal dates within their own scheduling interfaces. At the time, only schedulers and admins could add this information. This new feature allows pharmacists to self-report their state licensing (multiple if applicable), with renewal dates. It also provides timestamps whenever renewals are self-reported.

Here’s a quick rundown of how it works:

When a user’s renewal date nears, Schedule360’s software will prompt and remind each user that his or her renewal date is coming up. Users have the option to dismiss the notification, however, once the license is expired within Schedule360 for two weeks, they will be locked out and no longer have access to Schedule360 until they renew.

This new self-reporting feature also works with credentials, such as CPR or BLS certifications. It’s also extremely useful as more employers need a way to keep track of who is qualified to administer vaccinations. All of the data is able to be exported by admins for easy viewing and report compiling.

We work with our clients to create and enhance features to help them get the most out of our scheduling software. Many of our current features were created with the help of our admins and schedulers – because if it doesn’t work the way you want – why include it?

Creating solutions to complex scheduling problems to satisfy customer needs is one reason why Schedule360 was named 2021 Best in KLAS for Nurse and Staff Scheduling. Our robust scheduling software allows us to configure your scheduling software for your organization. We include the features you need and disable the ones you don’t. If a previously disabled feature becomes relevant to your processes, we’re happy to add it back in. You can stop worrying about how to handle evolving scheduling processes with Schedule360 because our solution works with you, and if we don’t have a feature you need we’ll create it. Chances are if it will make your life easier it will be a beneficial feature to have for others as well.

The self credential feature was built for us specifically. They actually built this from the ground up based on what our needs were. And it’s adjustable. Once a pharmacist gets to a certain amount of days close to their expiration of whatever license or credential we want to monitor, it will tell them, ‘Listen, this is coming due. You need to make sure you update your CPR or update your pharmacy license.’ And if it gets to the point where it’s expired, it will block [the Pharmacist] from their schedule. Our compliance team downloads the Excel sheet, and it’s color-coded which one is coming due or is expired. You can just see them right away, and then they can target those people and give a call if they haven’t corrected it.



District Pharmacy Manager, Stop & Shop

Our configurable scheduling solution provides robust support for common pain points like:

  • License and Credential Tracking

Licensure and skills are conveniently tracked and stored in employee profiles. Skills that require certification are tracked from expiration date and the system alerts employees 60 days prior to expiration.

  • Rules-Based Self-Scheduling Option

After the release of shifts for the upcoming schedule and immediate booking of set schedule shifts, remaining open shifts are available for self-scheduling by employees. This automates a fair amount of the process, while also giving employees a sense of control over their own schedules. Management still defines set-up.

  • Payroll Compiling

Schedule360 can be configured to record all of the complex variables associated with employee payroll, including the ability to easily compile a concise report in real time for your payroll system or service.

  • Employee Preference for Time Off

Employee logins are configured to capture scheduling preferences or requests, as well as the ability to submit time-off requests for admin approval.

  • Third-Party API Integrations


Schedule360 seamlessly integrates with leading Payroll and HR systems to save you time and simplify your scheduling process.

What our customers like most is how our system slides in to fit the processes currently in use, so it’s not a complete overhaul with tedious implementation requiring the entire staff to learn something new from the ground up. When our users and admins need a better way to schedule their staff, the Schedule360 team can create the features needed most.

It makes our pharmacists accountable for what they do. It helps our compliance specialist as well to help them do their job quickly, and it helps us (district store managers) because we are ultimately in control of our stores. I’ve had a pharmacist call me and said, ‘Oh, my CPR is gonna expire, I’m gonna get it taken care of.’ I didn’t know he was expiring, but they saw it based on logging in, so it has a lot of positives. That’s probably the most important one. CPR goes unnoticed at times because everybody’s date is different. So they forget.



District Pharmacy Manager, Stop & Shop


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