Scheduling Strategies to Simplify and Organize Your Vaccination Work Flow

March 24, 2021

The rollout of COVID-19 vaccines has finally begun, causing many healthcare facilities to worry about how they’re going to meet their ongoing daily needs, in addition to the growing demand for vaccine appointments. While this demand for COVID-19 vaccination was expected, the reality of how to adequately manage it all, is another story. Many clinics and pharmacies are looking for ways to streamline and organize the whole process from a staffing perspective.

Scheduling Vaccination Work Flow

While the population is wondering how to score an appointment for a vaccine, clinics and pharmacies are reorganizing to meet the demand. Such a large influx in vaccinations, requires an abundance of qualified employees to administer them, but it’s not like all of these clinics and pharmacies have unlimited numbers of qualified staff members just standing by waiting to be needed.

You’re likely relying on your current staff to keep the ship afloat while you hire more, but how do you keep it all organized, forecast future needs, and allocate resources efficiently?

The right scheduling software can provide a robust, web-based solution configurable to your clinic or pharmacy’s needs that can grow and evolve with you through this new normal.

It’s becoming clear this is only the beginning of this shift in workforce. It’s unlikely there will come a day when we flip a switch and everything goes back to normal. Community dependence on clinics and pharmacies is only projected to grow, and keeping up with this shift is easy with the right tools.

Credential Tracking

Utilizing scheduling software makes it easy for schedulers to keep track of skills and credentials, which are conveniently stored in employee profiles. When schedules are created, shifts can be broken down by shift type and licensure requirements. This ensures only those employees qualified to work the shift are scheduled. With scheduling software, you can easily pinpoint those employees who are qualified to administer vaccines.

Shift Swapping

Shift swapping saves your schedulers hours of work by allowing employees to swap shifts with each other. Rules and guidelines are set by management so individual work targets are met and safe staffing levels always occur.

Uniformed Time-Off Requesting

Managing time-off requests is a breeze with Schedule360’s scheduling software. This simple software solution decreases chaos and confusion surrounding time-off requests by making it a fair and cohesive process for all employees. Standardize your time-off request form, allow employees to swap shifts, and provide complete transparency in the way you communicate scheduling needs and changes to all staff.

Internal Messaging

Schedule360’s software offers a secure messaging platform for better collaboration between staff. With internal messaging, administrators are able to quickly and efficiently relay vital information to staff including any urgent shift coverage needs. This is a vast improvement from outdated methods of communication such as making numerous phone calls or typing out lengthy emails that often go unanswered or unread. Sent messages are time stamped when read, so admin can feel confident that their important messages were received.

Web-Based Access 24/7

Schedule360’s web-based scheduling software gives you and your employees 24/7 access to schedule, online from any mobile device.

Real-Time Reporting

Our integrated real-time reports allow one click management of employee compliance to work targets and enable rapid schedule management.

Vaccination Event Scheduling

Schedule360’s software solution can help your clinic or pharmacy manage the unique staff scheduling demands associated with administering vaccines in your facility by allowing you to efficiently create and manage your workforce to fill shifts within your clinic or pharmacy, as well as staffing off-site vaccination events in the community.

Implementing Scheduling Software

We understand the high demands being placed on pharmacy and clinic schedulers and administrators and we’re standing by, ready to help. Let us handle the heavy lifting in data entry and software training so you can allocate your time where it’s needed most.

Efficiently manage vaccination administration, appointment schedules, and all of your routine staffing needs with the implementation of scheduling software by Schedule360. Contact us today for a configured demo of this amazing workforce management solution.