Scheduling Pharmacy Staff for Flu Shot Clinics

October 20, 2020

Hosting and creating the schedule for qualified healthcare staff to administer vaccines at a flu shot clinic is made easier thanks to the help of pharmacy scheduling software.

Pharmacies are at the forefront of patient relationships. Many companies are looking to host fall flu shot clinics as a way to provide their workers with a convenient alternative to traditional means of staying up to date with their vaccinations, especially as we head into flu season during a global pandemic. Holding on-site flu shot clinics is good for both management and employees alike.

Pharmacist administering a vaccine at the pharmacy.

Pharmacists are jumping at the broadened opportunity to engage with their patients, decrease bottlenecks in doctor office visits, and create convenience for the local community in many ways. The number of vaccines administered by pharmacists continues to increase every single year. In 2012, less than 8 million vaccines were administered in a pharmacy, but by 2016, that number skyrocketed to more than 20 million. That number is undoubtedly going to continue to rise for the unforeseeable future.

Pharmacists Role in Flu Shot Clinic

Depending on state licensing requirements, registered pharmacists have the ability to administer vaccines. With pharmacists already playing a demanding role in the community, utilizing them to their full extent of capabilities is a given, especially now-but doing so can make scheduling for this community support cumbersome. Pharmacy scheduling software gives you the tools to streamline your scheduling with ease.

Schedule by credential

Leveraging pharmacy scheduling software to organize, optimize, and keep track of the credentials of your staff becomes invaluable during the insanely busy time. Scheduling with rule-based guidelines means only those who match the credentials you need will be slotted into those open shifts.

Use Pharmacy Students/Graduates

If you don’t have a full-time position for recent graduates but you’re focused on keeping them in the loop within arms reach, filling open shifts in a flu clinic is a great way to keep previous interns and students connected to your pharmacy or business until a FT position opens up. Whenever the flu shot clinic gets overloaded and pharmacies become short on qualified staff, scheduling new pharmacy graduates can be an excellent solution to getting through a staff shortage or busy surge, like now.

Using All Staff to Help Your Flu Shot Event

In order to make the best use of all of your staff, it’s important to train others to help with flu clinics, not just those who are able to perform immunizations. Everyone can help out, including your clerks who can check patients in and answer questions people may have about the process, or the vaccination itself.

Give Your Community Health a Boost

Staffing a flu shot clinic will help your community in multiple ways from building trust in and around your community, to engaging with your community, to improving the health and wellbeing of the community at large. In short, this service reaches so many people from various different groups and backgrounds in your area and presents the perfect opportunity to help market your pharmacy.

On-site community and workplace flu shot clinics offer many advantages to the pharmacy and the community it serves, including boosting revenue and becoming a trusted and convenient healthcare destination for patients. Pharmacy scheduling software by Schedule360 is specifically designed to help ease the transition from traditional pharmacists roles to a broadened expansion of value-based patient care as the community looks to pharmacies for more healthcare options including on-site flu shot clinics in the area. If you’re a pharmacy on the fast track to expanding your patient care, Schedule360 can help streamline the scheduling process for you so at least scheduling these types of events won’t be a headache, and you can focus your time and energy on tasks that are more valuable to the people you serve. Contact us today for a customized demo of our scheduling solution.