Scheduling Automation Proves Invaluable to Healthcare

September 14, 2020

The healthcare industry has reached an era where every resource needs to be optimized to achieve operational efficiency.

Team of healthcare workers in a hospital.

It’s amazing how far technology has come in regard to medicine, however, there is one area of healthcare that is still lagging when it comes to technology: the dreaded staff scheduling. You might be wondering, “Why is such a technologically advanced industry still resorting to outdated, manual scheduling methods instead of embracing tools, such as healthcare scheduling software, that can make their job a whole lot easier?”

We’ve been wondering that too.

The healthcare industry has reached an era where every resource needs to be optimized to achieve operational efficiency. In order to do that you need to be able to measure, track, and report time, attendance, and shortages. Those tasks can be grueling and time-consuming without the proper resources. It’s said that over 45% of healthcare facilities still do all of their employee scheduling manually. It’s hard to believe, especially when there’s a much easier way.

Manage and Reduce OT

With online scheduling software, overtime alerts are built into the system, allowing scheduling managers to see at a glance those employees who still need hours within a pay period and those who are rapidly approaching overtime thresholds. Scheduling software also allows overtime hours to be more evenly distributed, in addition to providing easy tracking of overtime spending which helps to address issues before they become a problem.

Shift Optimization

Healthcare facilities that implement healthcare scheduling software are better equipped to manage last-minute shift changes and gaps in coverage, as well as ensure that only those staff with the right skills and qualifications are filling shifts.

Balanced Coverage Based on Credentials

Keep track of credential data, such as renewable licensure, and sort by employee and shift type, as well as receive expiration reminders and the ability to schedule professional development training or classes.

Credential tracking in scheduling software prevents staff members who aren’t qualified from being offered shifts they aren’t qualified to fulfill. This feature also prevents those without proper credentials from swapping shifts with someone who does. What results is a balanced shift at all times on all units for a higher standard of quality patient care.

Improved Morale

Employee morale in the workplace is crucial, especially when it comes to retaining skilled and valuable employees. Nurse burnout is real and can be a serious detriment to your facility and the care your patients receive. Healthcare scheduling software empowers your staff by giving employees a sense of freedom and flexibility to self-schedule, swap shifts, and have complete, easy, mobile access to their work schedule 24/7, allowing them to easily make plans around their schedule.

Easier on Schedulers

Drastically reduce the amount of time and resources spent on scheduling related tasks with online scheduling. If schedulers are spending less time creating the schedule, that means they’ll have more time to spend on other important tasks that better utilize their skills. The ability to efficiently manage healthcare staff schedules will save time, money, and increase the satisfaction for all employees, including management.

Manage Float Pools

Healthcare scheduling software can also help you better manage float pools by easily creating a float schedule versus having to fill in last-minute scheduling needs by agency staff who charge a premium price for their services. Float pool staff are often underutilized due to missed opportunities in manually scheduling to fulfill their requirements. By leveraging scheduling software, you can get a better handle on float pool scheduling and reap the benefits of all of your healthcare staff resources.

Reduce or Eliminate Agency Use

While it may be convenient to call an agency to fill an open shift, this convenience comes at a hefty price, as agency use increases labor costs. With online scheduling software, you can easily align and optimize your current staff by always ensuring you have the proper coverage without the need to use an agency to fill schedule gaps. With real-time schedule transparency you can quickly see at a glance who is close to overtime thresholds and who needs more hours to meet their targets.

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