[Press Release] Schedule360 Named 2021 Best In KLAS

February 2, 2021


For the second time, Schedule360, the leader in healthcare scheduling software, is pleased to announce today it has been awarded 2021 Best in KLAS Scheduling Software for Nurses and Staff. This award is awarded based on in-depth interviews from Schedule360 customers. 

The Best Nurse Scheduling Software

Schedule360 provides unique solutions for the complex scheduling of healthcare workers like nurses, pharmacists, physicians, and allied healthcare staff. In the last year, Schedule360 has been able to help overwhelmed healthcare facilities pivot and quickly deploy new testing facilities, telehealth provider scheduling, and increase communication through their platform to keep staff informed. Schedule360 is currently working with national chain pharmacies and regional health departments with scheduling for vaccination events and clinics.

“While scheduling is our backbone, communication became a huge focus in 2020 for our users. Our scheduling administrators and managers were able to quickly get the word out when units were opening or closing, and announce immediate scheduling needs, all within the Schedule360 platform. We have deployed many new capabilities for our customers providing unparalleled scheduling efficiencies and transparency within their new environments. We are grateful for the trust our customers place in our scheduling platform to help them navigate their scheduling challenges.” shared Tony Torti, President, Schedule360

About Schedule360®

Schedule360 stands as the industry leader in nurse scheduling software with cloud-based software created to make your shift-based scheduling process seamless and efficient. Schedule360 offers healthcare scheduling solutions for nurse scheduling, physician scheduling, pharmacy scheduling, and more. To find out more information or to request a customized demo, visit www.schedule360.com.