Save Time and Resources When Creating and Updating Your Nurse Schedule

March 15, 2022

Have you outgrown your excel employee schedule templates? Your nurse scheduling is taking more time, there are more employees, more rules to follow, headaches and stress from compiling reports, payroll, and staying within your OT budget. While manual organization can do great things, it’s not the best choice to handle the many intricacies associated with healthcare schedule management. You need a better solution, and you need it now.

You may think hiring more staff is necessary to handle the nurse scheduling burdens you’re facing but streamlining your process with the right software solution can make you feel like you have more time and resources just by better utilizing your current staff more efficiently.

Healthcare worker looking at an electronic tablet


Still using separate apps for messaging and sending urgent emails?

Internal messaging capabilities built into the Schedule360 interface allows you to segment messages based on the unique needs of your nursing unit.

Schedule360 provides ease and universal reach in staff communication that is critical in all workplaces, but especially in healthcare. Communicating schedule changes, approved time off and overtime, or floating schedule alerts keeps everyone on the same page and reduces gaps in coverage.

Our nurse scheduling software makes it easy to communicate critical shift needs to your nursing staff within set parameters of 12, 24, or 48 hours in advance via text or email to all qualified employees or segment your recipient list to send a message only to staff who are not working already and didn’t request the day off.

Unique Features for Nurse Scheduling

  • Credential Tracking

Schedule360 software keeps track of employee licensure and credentials, preventing employees who lack certain qualifications from fulfilling shifts they aren’t qualified to work. The system can be set up to alert employees 60 days prior to expiration.

  • Call-Off Management

Centrally manage large-scale call-offs with one easy-to-follow process. This feature allows you to proactively manage call-offs for several locations across multiple regions and time zones. This feature eliminates the need for a dedicated employee to answer the phones as instead of calling in, they enter the information online into the call-off feature.

  • Set Schedule Templates

Set schedule templates allow schedulers to build a recurring employee work schedule template for each employee by facility. Staffing schedule templates are stored in the system and replicated to create future shifts. They can be edited, cleared, or inactivated anytime.

  • Holiday Scheduling and Time-Off Rounds

Schedule360 provides a robust holiday preference module. During the customizable request period, employees can submit their holiday work preferences for the upcoming year. Schedulers can view displayed results, allowing them to easily build holiday schedules with staff preferences in mind, while still ensuring there is adequate coverage during the holidays. Additionally, prior year holiday schedules are available for admin users to ensure proper and equitable rotation for staff scheduling.

  • Reporting

Our configurable reporting tools allow you to oversee staff compliance to target work hours and OT thresholds with ease. Having this information quickly retrievable allows you to schedule your nursing staff to align with shift needs. You can easily optimize your current staff by filling in open shifts with non-optimized staff first before assigning OT to employees who already met their target work hours.

Fair and Transparent

Schedule360’s employee scheduling software adheres to a set of established rules and guidelines set by management, making scheduling a fair and transparent process for everyone. With 24/7 web-based access to the schedule, everyone is always on the same page, even when changes occur.

Easy Implementation Process

We understand the decision to implement a new scheduling software right now may seem overwhelming, and even though it may help you manage your workforce more efficiently, getting through the process can feel intimidating. Schedule360’s stress-free implementation process is designed to get you set up with a scheduling software solution that’s configured to fit your needs immediately, and we do all the heavy lifting for you. The last thing we want to do is create more disruption in your workplace, so we help with implementation, training, data entry, and we provide a configured demo upfront, allowing you to roll out the system on your own terms, as fast or slow as you need to. We provide the flexibility to start with one unit, several units, or your entire facility.  You control this process.

Effective Scheduling Starts with Schedule360

Schedule360 nurse scheduling software can save you both time and resources when creating and managing your nurse schedules. No other scheduling software compares to Schedule360’s robust solution to common nurse scheduling pain points.

When the job of scheduling your nursing staff and maintaining an organized system of time-off requests, shift preferences, holiday scheduling, and daily call-offs becomes too overwhelming it’s time to consider a better way.

If your schedulers feel like all they do is manage the daily needs of maintaining the staff schedule it’s time to stop throwing more people in to create a solution and put technology to work instead.

Harness the valuable resources you have in your experienced admins and let them be a guide to junior staff, a present voice in patient care, and an overseer of high-quality balanced shift care by alleviating the burden of managing an out-of-control manual scheduling system. If you’re ready to see this Best In KLAS™ software solution in action, contact Schedule360 for a configured demo to see exactly how easy it can be to manage your nurse schedule with the right tools in place. At Schedule360, We Know Scheduling™