Reduce Headaches with Pharmacy Scheduling Software

August 21, 2020

While creating a pharmacy schedule may not always be an easy or joyous task to complete, it’s an essential one when it comes to ensuring that employees are meeting patient needs. However, there are some simple and effective ways to reduce the headaches that often accompany pharmacy scheduling, such as implementing pharmacy scheduling software.

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Here are just a few of the many benefits that pharmacy scheduling software has to offer:

Optimize Staff – Communicate – Reduce Agency Need

Pharmacy scheduling software allows transparency to see all qualified and available staff to fill open shifts both in the future while completing the schedule, as well as last-minute schedule changes. Having a system that allows communication through the dispatch of last minute or urgent shift needs via text and email to available staff will optimize resources and greatly eliminate or reduce the need for supplemental agency and related costs.

Increased Staff Morale and Job Satisfaction

When staff members are able to make requests to their own schedule, they feel heard and validated, which has been shown to increase morale and job satisfaction in the workplace.

Credential Tracking

The tracking and management of employee credentials and Licensure can be daunting with a manual process. Even if managed and tracked in an ERP system, the ability to interface the expiration dates for these items to pharmacy scheduling software ensures that the pharmacist, technician, or intern staff who are scheduled into open shifts have current credentials and licensure for those positions.


Fill Shifts Quickly and Efficiently

Fill any open shifts quickly and efficiently by seeing all available and qualified staff across all facilities who match to openings and also by instantly utilizing messaging features to send out any last-minute shift needs or gaps in coverage. Pharmacy scheduling software enhances communication by streamlining employee communication across the board with updates via the software.

Reduces Cost

Pharmacy scheduling software is a cost-effective and affordable solution that automates scheduling processes and reduces the amount of time spent on scheduling-related tasks. This automation frees up resources, increases staff efficiency, and reduces operational costs through the elimination of time spent on non-productive tasks.

Schedule Transparency

District managers and central scheduling teams will have full and complete schedule transparency of store schedules. Staff members will also have access to their schedules, 24/7 from any device with an internet connection. Transparent schedules posted in advance means less shift swapping and changes needed to the schedule because staff have more time to plan around when they are working.

Schedule Templates

The ability to create and set pharmacist schedule templates that are customizable saves significant time each scheduling period for both admin and staff users. This feature allows the centralized scheduler to build and store a recurring template by store.

Shift Tracking

The centralized scheduler can track productivity and confirm when extra or overlapping coverage is needed at a busy store location. This includes scheduling double coverage so a float or extra pharmacist can perform inventory and assist in filling additional prescriptions. In addition, schedulers can easily see when staff members punch in or out, or when they travel to a different store for a shift.

Payroll Compiling

Compile payroll or interface with any existing payroll system. Automating those tedious tasks associated with payroll compiling with just a few clicks is another useful feature included with pharmacy scheduling software.

Overtime Hour Reductions

Reports provide visibility for your schedulers to optimize current staff before approving overtime requests. Configured alerts also notify the scheduler when they are confirming an overtime shift.

Manage Complex Float Pool Scheduling

Float pool scheduling can be complicated, but with pharmacy scheduling software, you can schedule qualified and available staff for multiple locations from one scheduling center to increase optimization of staffing resources and avoid errors in scheduling like double booking of employees.

Market Analysis Reporting

Reports in real-time, retrospective and prospective labor analysis by store, group, manager, or enterprise provide pharmacy management with a comprehensive analysis of every labor hour.

Schedule360 understands the unique challenges associated with pharmacy scheduling and has created a configurable, powerful, and ever-evolving web-based pharmacy scheduling solution to fit the specific needs of pharmacies for the management of employee scheduling and staffing.

Schedule360’s pharmacy scheduling software solution will be the quickest remedy for your scheduling headache, without a prescription. Contact us today for a customized demo.

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