Redefining the Role of Pharmacy Technicians Post COVID-19

July 23, 2021

COVID-19 has propelled many changes. Most notably the significance and role of community pharmacies. They have shifted from being product-based to now being front and center as service-based and patient centered. To say that pharmacies are overwhelmed with all of the recent changes is an understatement, but they continue to lead the way seemingly unfettered. In response, the US Department of Health and Human Services has passed several regulations, including one allowing qualified technicians to receive training to become certified to immunize patients under the supervision of a pharmacist. As an integral part of the healthcare system, trained pharmacy techs will now be able to help fill the urgent need to safely and quickly scale distribution of a vaccine in communities all across this country.

Pharmacist using pharmacy scheduling software

The pandemic has shown that pharmacy techs can be an excellent asset in providing quality patient care. This shift had created greater opportunities for technicians. The benefits of this change will continue long after this pandemic is over.

Hiring more staff is necessary and having the right tools to manage your workforce is more important than ever before.

Scheduling software allows you to keep track with ease.

Credentials and Licensing

Our pharmacy scheduling software solution improves efficiency by ensuring that every shift is filled by only those certified and qualified with the proper credentials to perform the job. Licensure and skills are stored in employee profiles and alerts are automatically sent out to staff and admins 60 days prior to expiration. If a certification or license is not renewed, the employee will no longer be able to take a shift until they meet the necessary requirements for renewal.

Multiple Locations

Easily configure multiple staffing regions or groups within large enterprises no matter the location. With the click of a mouse you can switch between views depending on the task at hand. See who is working over the entire corporation, or segment it down to a focused group of employees.

Vaccination Event Staffing

Simplify vaccination event staffing with centralized scheduling across multiple locations. You can view your entire workforce with the click of a button, giving schedulers the ability to view who is working in-store and who is assigned to on-site events. It’s easy to double schedule staff in situations like this, so the ability to optimize your schedule and staff with a robust, configurable web based solution saves time, headaches, and your bottom line.

Real-Time Reports

Scheduling software provides integrated real-time reports that allow one click management of employee compliance to work targets, as well as enable rapid schedule management. Our API integration means our software will fit into your current processes to make them easier to manage-not the other way around.

Shift Forecasting

Pharmacy scheduling software provides accurate shift forecasting of upcoming shift demands to decrease last minute overtime requests. Our software can uncover weekly, daily, and shift level patterns in patient flow so pharmacy schedulers can better forecast upcoming needs.

Transparency in Scheduling

With simplified staffing solutions, employees will have complete schedule transparency, including 24/7 access to their schedule from any device with internet access. Pharmacy scheduling software eliminates schedule confusion and greatly frees up your scheduler from receiving non-stop calls and urgent schedule related tasks.

Optimize Staff

Schedule360 provides transparent reporting for Pharmacy Management that includes weekly schedules with employee target hours. This reporting feature allows pharmacy

schedulers to quickly view which pharmacy techs are optimized and fill-in available shifts with non-optimized tech staff before creating overtime for staff who have already met their targeted hours.

Maintain High Level of Quality Care

You’ll maintain a higher level of quality care as a direct result of a more efficient method of staffing. Overworked staff can easily become desensitized to tasks at hand creating a patient workflow that is anything but quality care centered. Revitalize your workforce with a streamlined and transparent approach to scheduling.

Better Utilize Resources

With the right scheduling software, schedulers spend less time scheduling. The ability to automate certain scheduling tasks, create templates and guidelines for common scheduling requests, and require OT approval before shift assignments provides a more hands-off approach to this important, yet previously arduous task of creating a schedule that really works.

Technology Tools Designed Just for You

As your workload to manage it all increases, leverage technology to streamline your current processes. There’s no need to try and completely overhaul your system, because Schedule360 works with what you are already doing and can make it so much easier to manage.

It’s time to not only rethink the role of your pharmacy technicians but also your scheduling process with a configured demo of Schedule360’s award-winning software solution. Contact us today to learn more.