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What’s Better Than Free?
Healthcare Scheduling Software That Does What You Want.

Managing employee schedules, tracking attendance, forecasting labor demands, and optimizing workforce competencies are just some of those “other duties as assigned” you’ve been adding into your workload.

A Macgyvered Solution

Healthcare scheduling managers have their own “systems” for managing their employee schedules. Usually, it’s a combination of solutions macgyvered into mostly working for their scheduling needs. The three different options of paid, bundled, and free, can leave managers with loose ends and still spending hours on their schedule.


You’ve purchased scheduling software but it’s expensive and not worth the money. You had high expectations, but managing it was very time consuming and it wasn’t scalable or customizable to suit your scheduling needs.

Bundled With Your Payroll Software

Using that “free” scheduling software that came bundled with your payroll can be frustrating trying to manipulate the software to fit your needs. Their scheduling software is “one size fits all”, but it doesn’t fit you or your needs

Using Free Applications

Google applications like Google Sheets or Google Calendar work most of the time, but it’s not always up to date, and like paid and bundled software it’s limited in terms of scalability. You’ll need to bring several different applications together because none of them give you a complete employee scheduling solution.

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Why Settle For Out Of The Box?

One size fits all doesn’t work for healthcare scheduling. You need healthcare scheduling software designed for your scheduling needs. Schedule360 is uniquely configured to meet the scheduling needs of our clients. Only the features you need, and none of the features you don’t. Experience the customization you need at a surprisingly out of the box price.

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“Schedule360 helped us eliminate over $40,000 per month in supplemental labor costs. This savings allowed us to use that money towards incentives for our own employees.”

– Sharon Queen, Piedmont Walton

Set Yourself Free From Frustrations

employee-scheduling-softwareFree scheduling programs might not cost money, but they cost more than their fair share in terms of time, headaches, and the inability to automate scheduling.

The free apps are not scalable and lack the scheduling features and functions you need. Free apps are unable to handle your messaging, so you require a separate application to push out your communications. Keeping track of several apps that you need to use with your free scheduling app is almost as hard to manage as the scheduling process itself.

You need a better way.

“They really listen to what we need and how we operate and fit it to their model. They’re really accessible, when you launch new programs, they’re always there to listen to our teams, answer questions, provide guidance, instruction. They’re really accessible, you’re not gonna send them an email and get it from answer five days later, it’s usually that day, if not immediate, they’re very good about customer service, the people they have contracts with.”

Leonard Googelman

James Root

District Pharmacy Manager, Stop & Shop

“Schedule360™ reduced the amount of monthly overtime in our Emergency Department from an average of 850 hours to 250 hours.

The efficiency and transparency of schedule management translated to over $10,000 a month in overtime savings that we realized within the first three scheduling periods of using the system.”

– Jana Hill, Piedmont Athens

Price vs. Function

What if you could have the function and scalability you need at a surprisingly affordable price?

It is possible!

employee-scheduling-software-for-teamsIt’s time to put the free scheduling software, Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, and manual scheduling solutions behind you.

You can have affordable employee scheduling software that can be configured to meet the needs of your scheduling challenges. If you have a need, the software can be adapted to handle it. Employees can pick up, drop, or swap shifts and you can give them more say over when and how much they work while adhering to your rules.

An immediate return on investment comes through the reduction of overtime and the elimination of agency shifts, not to mention fewer hours devoted to schedule management.

A final important return comes in the form of an increased continuum of care for your patients through more efficient utilization of your own workforce.

“The adoption of Schedule360 has significantly reduced the amount of time we spend on managing the schedule every month. This time savings translates into higher productivity for our employees to focus on patient care instead of mundane tasks of managing a broken, manual process.”

– Stacey Pelissero, Northside Health System

Free Employee Scheduling Software – The Same Solution for Everyone?

You can’t succeed using the same generalized scheduling software. Managing staff and schedules is often one of the most difficult tasks in most organizations. Your employee scheduling software must meet your needs, or it is worthless – no matter how much it costs.

Get the right tools for your job with the right employee scheduling software.

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“A key component for our reimbursement derives from accurately submitting Direct Patient Care, Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) hours to CMS every quarter for our Staff. Schedule360® developed a custom feature, based on our input, to capture and export these shift hours, which saves us hundreds of man-hours every quarter on submission.”

– Stacy McLaughlin – CALVET Veterans Homes

Schedule360 Has The Experience You Need


We know you. We know your industry. We’re experienced in scheduling challenges. With a wide variety of options, we can configure our software to your specific application.

We won’t surprise you with additional hidden costs. The price we quote includes unlimited scalability, secure cloud-hosted convenience, web-based anywhere access, set-up, online-training, and 24/7 customer support.

We know you. We know your industry. We’re experienced in scheduling challenges. With a wide variety of options, we can configure our software to your specific application.

With a wide variety of options, we can configure our software to your specific application.

Tell us your #1 scheduling headache and we’ll show you how Schedule360 can help you address it. We offer real solutions that fit your scheduling needs.

It’s time to get rid of that “free” employee scheduling software you’ve been struggling with and find a customizable solution to your scheduling challenges. You’ll be surprised at how affordable our scheduling software can be. Fill out our form for a no obligation quote.

“We looked at 6 different scheduling companies and Schedule360 rose to the top. It’s been expandable for us. We started with 17 clinics and now we’re at 60 and opening more this year.”

Leonard Googelman

Leonard Goodelman

Director of Provider Resources, CRH Healthcare

Request Custom Pricing

You’ll receive a custom price quote via email within 24 hours.