Pharmacy Scheduling: Now Tech Scheduling For Pharmacy Store Managers

August 14, 2019

Schedule360 has introduced a new pharmacy tech scheduling feature to our already robust pharmacy scheduling software.

Pharmacy Scheduling: Now Tech Scheduling For Pharmacy Store Managers

At Schedule360, we’ve introduced a new tech scheduling feature to our already robust pharmacy scheduling software. Based on feedback, pharmacy store managers at the local level could benefit from a superior tech scheduling tool for transforming tech scheduling across the organization.

Pharmacy Scheduling Juggling Act

While a centralized scheduler may schedule pharmacists, pharmacy techs are typically scheduled at the store level, adding to the wide variety of tasks the pharmacy manager juggles throughout their day.

Based on Rx manager feedback, Schedule360 has integrated a new Rx tech scheduling tab allowing your Rx managers a controlled, rule-based access to schedule and request pharmacy tech coverage from outside their store. This feature provides a quick and simple way to find available techs in their area and communicate needs all within the Schedule360 pharmacy scheduling platform.

The scheduling tech tab allows you to configure the features below to your rules and needs :

Tech Optimization

Within the schedule for the week are target hour tallies. Your pharmacy managers can see at a glance, which pharmacy techs are optimized and fill-in shifts with non-optimized tech staff before creating possible overtime for staff who have already met their targeted hours.

Restrict Shift Dates

Through rules, you can allow your pharmacy managers to only set dates at pre-determined intervals, for instance maybe a month or 6 weeks out. This way you can stay on top of how many shifts are created and needed. This offers time for your pharmacy techs to pick up shifts before adding incentive or overtime pay to the shift.

Urgent, Hot Shift Scheduling

Filling last-minute shift openings can be challenging and disruptful at the store level. By establishing your own parameters with your Store Team, you can quickly communicate urgent, critical shift openings with your staff within set parameters like 12 hours, 24 hours, or 48 hours in advance, by email or text to your available tech staff for that opening. Techs are able to login to Schedule360, respond and pick up the shift all within Schedule360’s online platform.

Picking Up – PRN Vs Full Time

If you have PRN and FT Tech staff, you can create rules so your PRN Techs can only see Open Shifts, where a Critical or Hot Shift might only be seen by your FT Techs. There are many ways Schedule360 can be configured and we work with our pharmacies to put the rules you need in place for your teams.

Transparency Over Tech Schedules

With Schedule360’s pharmacy scheduling software, your pharmacy managers can request coverage for certain dates, and add reasons for the shift opening or coverage need. This allows for your centralized scheduler to still oversee at the regional level, for better planning and overtime management.

The Best Pharmacy Scheduling Software

At Schedule360, we have designed comprehensive pharmacy scheduling software uniquely configured to meet your pharmacy’s needs and expectations. Discover unbelievable freedom, optimal workplace productivity, and improved scheduling communication.

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