Pharmacists Leveraging Robust Scheduling and Reporting Software to Streamline Workflows Amid Increased Community Reliance

December 8, 2021

A robust, proactive scheduling tool like Schedule360 allows pharmacies to automate and oversee staff schedules from a centralized platform in a transparent and efficient manner.

With the right scheduling software, schedulers spend less time scheduling, and that can make a big impact on patient care. The ability to automate certain scheduling tasks, create templates and guidelines for common scheduling requests, and require OT approval before shift assignments provides a more hands-off approach to this important, yet previously arduous task of creating a staff schedule that really works.

Pharmacist working in a busy pharmacy, smiling and looking at the camera.

Implementing a scheduling software that can help you better forecast patient needs, centrally oversee and manage the schedule, and optimize your current staff is invaluable, especially now. If you’re still relying on manual staff scheduling methods, we want you to know there’s a better way.

API Integration

Schedule360 pharmacy scheduling software provides seamless integrations. Our users will experience the power of our robust platform and can easily exchange data with other popular software applications. Schedule360 can even create an integration for your unique needs or choose from one of our many popular integrations for your Schedule360 interface.

Schedule360 seamlessly integrates with leading Payroll and HR systems, saving you time as you simplify your pharmacy scheduling process. We use ORDS (Oracle REST Data Services) to securely transfer staff credentials, time-off requests, schedule, and punch data between ours and other third-party applications.

Thanks to the use of API integrations by Schedule360, you can avoid the time-consuming manual input process by quickly and efficiently transferring data between the multiple software applications saving you significant time and stress. We will work with the processes you already have and make your workflow more efficient. We have an impressive list of features available that can be enabled or disabled at any time depending on your needs, so you won’t have to sift through a bunch of features you don’t want just to find the ones you need. The configurable nature of our scheduling solution makes it easy to adapt and evolve with you as your staff scheduling needs change.

Shift Forecasting and Messaging

Pharmacy scheduling software provides accurate shift forecasting of upcoming shift demands to reduce last minute overtime requests. Schedule360 software can uncover daily, weekly, and shift level patterns in patient flow, making pharmacy staffing easier to manage as schedulers can better forecast real upcoming needs.

Schedule360’s pharmacy scheduling software includes all of the messaging features needed to contact staff through messages sent via text, email, and the message board. You can choose to message all employees, currently working employees, or only employees who are available to work.

Credentials and Licensing

Improve pharmacy staffing efficiency with our credential tracking feature. Our pharmacy scheduling software ensures that every shift is filled by only those staff with the proper certification and credentials to perform the job. Licensure and skills are stored in employee profiles with alerts that are automatically sent out to admins and staff 60 days prior to expiration. If an employee fails to renew a license or certification on time, they won’t be able to accept another shift until they meet the necessary renewal requirements.

Better Utilize Resources

Schedule360 provides transparent, easy-to-read reporting for pharmacy management that includes weekly schedules with employee target hours. This reporting allows pharmacy managers the ability to quickly see which pharmacy techs are optimized and fill-in available shifts with non-optimized tech staff before creating possible overtime for staff who have already met their targeted hours.

Filling urgent, last-minute shift openings can be stressful, but by establishing your own parameters with your store team, you can quickly communicate any urgent, critical shift openings with your staff within set parameters, such as 12, 24, 48 hours in advance, by email or text to your available tech staff for that opening.

Shift Optimization

Pharmacy techs are a valuable resource that is often underutilized within Pharmacy Operations.  We provide transparent reporting for Pharmacy Management that includes weekly schedules with employee target hours. Schedule360’s reporting feature allows schedulers to quickly view which pharmacy techs are optimized and fill open shifts with non-optimized tech staff before creating OT for employees that already met their targeted hours.

Learning how to better utilize your pharmacy techs and staff more efficiently is just one of the many benefits you’ll experience with Schedule360.

Discover More About Our Pharmacy Scheduling Solutions

Schedule360 pharmacy scheduling software is designed to help you better utilize the resources you already have, so your pharmacy can operate more efficiently. We provide you with the proper technology tools designed with pharmacies in mind, and should we happen to lack a feature you need, we’ll be happy to create it for you.

We understand your workload is increasing, so why not leverage an already proven technology that works to streamline your current processes?  Schedule360 can help you effectively manage your pharmacy scheduling and staffing challenges, so you can focus on more important matters, like continuing to protect the health of our local communities. We Know Scheduling™ Contact us today for a configured demo of this award-winning staff scheduling software.