Pharmacies Relying on Automated Scheduling to Streamline Processes

March 10, 2021

Pharmacies have always been busy, but since the onset of COVID-19, pharmacy life is busier than ever before. Today’s pharmacies are filling a higher volume of prescriptions, performing COVID testing, and offering curbside services in addition to routine services they normally provide to patients. In some cases, they’re even providing home delivery on both RX and OTC medications. Pharmacies continue to provide convenience to their patients while striving to reduce face-to-face interactions to support the overall health of the community.

Smiling pharmacy worker in a pharmacy setting.

With these changes come some challenges, such as maintaining a high level of quality care and customer experiences while still meeting the ever-changing demands of daily needs. As the number of clinical services being performed by pharmacists continues to increase, and the surge for COVID-19 vaccinations continues, is your current scheduling system efficient enough to keep up?

You need a robust, configurable solution but the thought of learning something new and teaching your staff a new process right now seems unimaginable. How do you add one more item onto an already full pharmacy plate, even if you know it will make things easier in the long run?

Who’s going to handle the implementation, training, and teaching when a lack of time and resources are already a major concern? You need more people, too, so you’re hiring. It’s certainly easy to see why some pharmacies are choosing to delay the implementation of an automated solution, but that doesn’t have to be your story.

Schedule360 is here for you, and we’ve got you covered. We do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to implementing the software solution, as well as training your staff on how to use the new system so you can focus your attention where it’s needed most. In addition to providing ongoing training and outstanding, 24/7 customer support, we enhance your current scheduling processes and make them better.

Credential Tracking

Employee licensure and skills are conveniently tracked and stored in employee profiles, ensuring that only those employees with the proper credentials, skills, and qualifications can cover certain shifts.

Internal Messaging

Having a reliable internal messaging platform where you can contact staff with urgent updates or any last-minute scheduling needs in an instant is critical. With Schedule360, you’ll be able to contact staff via text, email, or through the internal message board.

OT Alerts

During self-scheduling or when admins schedule employees, our software solution provides overtime alerts that can be overridden. This is helpful when you are dealing with some employees continuously getting overtime hours while others aren’t meeting their target work hours.

Shift Swapping

Save your schedulers loads of time by allowing shift swapping between employees, all within a set of rules and guidelines set by management.

Schedule Transparency

Simplified scheduling solutions include complete schedule transparency, including the ability to see your schedule like never before, 24/7 from any mobile device with internet access. Having full access to your schedule anytime, anywhere, streamlines the process by eliminating schedule confusion and dramatically reducing the amount of time spent on staff scheduling.

No Heavy Lifting Required

Schedule360 understands that the success of your pharmacy greatly depends on the care you provide to your patients, but you can’t deliver the level of care you want if you’re bogged down with labor-intensive, time-consuming tasks like juggling the schedule for multiple locations. We also understand that you might be feeling overwhelmed at the thought of implementing something new at a time like this, but rest assured, you won’t be going through it alone. We offer ongoing support well after the implementation process, rapid deployment, and we handle the data entry so you’re up and running in no time, giving you the streamlined scheduling solution you need without any additional time burdens to you or your team. We understand the unique needs of scheduling for pharmacies, and we’d love to show you how our software can work for you. Contact Schedule360 for a configured demo of our award winning software so you can see exactly how our features and user-friendly interface can address some of the common pain points in your scheduling process.