Optimized Hospital Staff Scheduling Can Transform Your Enterprise Workflow

July 13, 2022

Hospitals large and small are starting to take notice of what our robust scheduling software solution can do to address the daily complexities associated with hospital staff scheduling. These complexities are not effectively managed by generic scheduling software, so one-size-fits-all scheduling solutions don’t really work. You need a unique software solution that’s configured specifically for hospital staffing so you can anticipate workforce needs, manage employee preferences and requests, balance shift coverage, manage labor costs, follow compliance rules, and maximize efficiency.

Group of medical workers standing in a hospital room.

Enterprise Scheduling Across Multiple Locations

Schedule360 scheduling software provides schedulers and administers the ability to view the schedule in ways that make managing the schedule for multiple locations a more transparent and straightforward process. We offer unlimited scalability so whether you need to schedule staff for one hospital or multiple locations, we have you covered. As your needs evolve, our software can be tailored to meet your current processes and needs.

Support for Specialized Departments

Schedule360 offers continuous, 24/7 support for all departments. We offer a highly scalable solution designed to automate healthcare staff scheduling, that is configurable, rules-based, hosted and web-based.  Schedule 360 will provide scheduling automation while ensuring the proper clinical mix for every shift and unit within a facility or system. Schedule360 is easily accessible by all employees from any mobile device with internet access, providing full optimization of FTE and PRN employees.

Centralized Reporting

Our scheduling software solution includes numerous centralized reports that allow transparency into daily and weekly shift level patterns in patient flow so schedulers are better able to forecast demand. Our integrated real-time reports allow for one-click management of employee compliance to work targets, allowing you to manage your staff schedules efficiently.

Centralized Call Off Management

Our unique call-off feature is ideal for large hospital chains with multiple locations, even those spanning across several regions. Hospitals receive many call-offs daily, making it difficult, or even impossible, to answer phones and process every call off as they come in. As an optional feature, our centralized call-off feature allows employees to enter their call-off through the platform, which will display as “pending” until the scheduler can review, process, and back-fill  the call-off.

Daily Staff Totals

Our Daily Staff Total feature gives admin level staff the ability to run detailed coverage reports in a “from-to” shift time hourly increment to accurately determine scheduled Core Staff by licensure. Some featured highlights of the Daily Staff Totals include:

  • Ability to set time increments by Licensure and Scheduling Type for Core coverage, in     2 hour, 4 hour, 6 hour, 8 hour, and any custom shift increment.
  • Prevent duplication or double counting of staff, especially nurses with night shifts that run into the next day, for an accurate big picture view.
  • Build custom templates based on your specific reporting needs.
  • Reports can include float staff or those who work odd shifts.
  • At-a-glance, integrated reports that allow Supervisors and Charge nurses maintain safe staffing levels and make necessary adjustments based on real-time report data.

Schedule Transparency

As a premiere cloud-based scheduling program, Schedule360 provides employees with anytime access to their schedule 24/7 from any mobile device with internet access. This eliminates or greatly reduces the number of employees having to call, text, or email schedulers to determine when they’re scheduled to work next or confirm time-off requests and last-minute shift changes.

Easy Implementation Process

Getting started with Schedule360 is straightforward and easy. We provide a smooth transition by processing all the data entry for you. We assign a dedicated Schedule360 representative to work with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your unique scheduling needs, provide expert consultation, and manage your setup with our IT, training, and administrative teams. The support doesn’t stop at implementation either. We provide outstanding, ongoing customer support with live, knowledgeable, operators available to assist you 24/7.

Schedule360 Grows with You

Schedule360 is highly configurable and can be set up for any size facility.  We work and your pace and scale…there’s never any pressure to implement Schedule360 into an entire facility all at once. Instead, you can ease into the process at your own pace by implementing our software solution unit by unit. We treat each customer and deployment like it’s our first which is why we were voted Best In KLAS™ by our healthcare clients.

Save Time with Schedule360

When it comes to providing time-saving benefits of centralized scheduling for large multi-location hospitals, Schedule360’s scheduling software is a tried and trusted solution. We have the right tools to simplify and transform your entire scheduling process, allowing you to optimize your workforce without having to sacrifice your time or resources. To learn how Schedule360 can create more efficiency in your facility, contact us today for a configured demo. Healthcare staff scheduling doesn’t have to be stressful. Let us show you how.

At Schedule360, We Know Scheduling™