Optimize Your Scheduling Process With Pharmacy Scheduling Software

November 7, 2016

Pharmacy scheduling software optimizes your pharmacy staff and provider scheduling process through uniquely configured features that organize your stores.

Healthcare scheduling administrator reviewing her unit's schedule on nurse scheduling software from Schedule360

Schedule360 customers are seeing an ROI by utilizing some or all of the features below. Our configured pharmacy scheduling software allows customers to build the application around their existing policies and decrease overall expenses using these strategies:

Optimize Float/Part Time Staff Hours

Prior to Schedule360 deployment, clients often find their float staff are being underutilized from a failure to routinely schedule the float to their salaried hour requirements, i.e. 80 x 2 weeks. Clients often miss hours for floats due to the fluid ever changing nature of their schedules; frequently, you schedule them and un-schedule them, to account for sick calls, resignations, last minute PTO requests, etc. Schedule360 Employee Scheduling Software utilizes real time tracking with color coding to track every hour worked and future hours scheduled within a client’s defined payroll period.

Overtime Hour Reductions

Reports provide visibility for your scheduling team to optimize all staff before approving overtime requests.

Configured alerts also notify the scheduler when they are confirming an overtime shift.

Temporary Agency Elimination

Dispatching last minute needs via text and email to existing staff can reduce and even eliminate agency costs.

Dark Store Elimination

Schedule360 insures every RPH has complete transparency to their schedule and the store schedules if you so choose to grant this access view. RPH’s have a real time view of their schedule via their PC, phone, and smart device, along with sync capabilities to their Outlook and Google calendar. Log files, timestamps, and message confirmations eliminate any uncertainty with an RPH’s schedule knowledge.

Track Every RPH

It seems obvious but often it is unknown as to who is actually working in the store. Schedule360 provides store staff the ability to post and exchange shifts between store partners. There is never a doubt who is working in your store at any given time.

PTO Tracking and Equitable Approval Processes Insured

Schedule360 Healthcare Scheduling Software tracks every PTO shift approved and denied in the past and future. A real time reporting feature is utilized during the approval process to display:

  • Others already approved (eliminates approving too many)
  • Others pending report, chronological ordering of requests
  • Coverage request capabilities
  • Seniority granting available
  • Rounding scenarios available
  • Custom formatting specific to client time off requirements

Market Analysis Reporting

Reports in real time, retro and prospective labor analysis by store, group, manager, or enterprise. A comprehensive analysis of every labor hour.

Store Variance Reporting

Tracks hours scheduled and worked against client’s budgeted hours for each store.

Payroll Compiling and Tracking

Compiles payroll specific to a client’s payroll requirements. Multiple report types formatted to a client requirements:

  • Hours to be Paid Export – useful for hourly employees and store RPHs working outside of store or extra hours within store such as covering a partner’s vacation or call off.
  • Hours to be Transferred – cost center reporting to charge back hours
  • Payroll Export – formatted to client specifications
  • Electronic form capture – debit and credit reporting for items such travel reimbursement

Scheduling Automation

Significant manpower reduction in compiling the schedules. Typically, one scheduler FTE can manage 100 – 175 stores. Auto-scheduler module available based on algorithm set up.

Last Minute Shift Opening Automation/Call Off Management

Dispatching and full self scheduling with bi-directional reporting/alerts back to requestor when shift is filled.

HOT Shift Reporting & Analysis

Identifies staff with habitual call off trends.

Other ROI Considerations

  • Staff satisfaction with scheduling
  • Manager satisfaction scheduling
  • API Integrations
  • HR tracking and real time reporting – multiple reports by RPH, store, DPM, enterprise
  • Credential management – tracks license and credentials for RPH and Client
  • EXTRA or MTM tracking and reporting
  • Historical archive of every shift and shift details
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