Optimize Your Float Staff and Technicians with Pharmacy Scheduling Software

May 18, 2022

Balancing the pharmacy schedule between full-time and float staff is a time-consuming process, and a common misconception is that in order to manage it well, it has to be done manually. Whether you are scheduling shifts for pharmacists, technicians, full-time or float staff, a configurable staff scheduling software can help simplify your pharmacy staffing process. Our proven pharmacy scheduling software is designed to streamline and automate staff scheduling for pharmacies, saving you time, money, and a little bit of sanity.

Pharmacy tech standing behind the service desk in a pharmacy.

Adaptable Features

Community reliance on pharmacies continues to grow, and you need a staff scheduling software that can create and deliver the important features you need to optimize staff and streamline your workflow. Our features are highly adaptable, constantly updating, and open to feedback to better serve the needs of our customers.

Optimize Float Pools

It’s easier said than done to optimize floats and avoid double-scheduling while managing time-off requests and daily staffing demands for multiple locations. Our scheduling software provides an efficient way to schedule qualified, available staff for multiple locations from one centralized platform. Better workflows can reduce costly agency dependency and gaps in shift coverage.

Backfill Shifts

Quickly backfill open shifts with float staff within store alignments and certifications. Our pharmacy scheduling software gives you the ability to see all available, qualified staff across all facilities who match the openings you need to fill. With real-time reporting and complete schedule transparency, you can accurately forecast patient demands and promptly allocate resources accordingly.

Accurate Shift Forecasting

Schedule360 provides accurate shift forecasting of upcoming shift demands to decrease last-minute overtime requests or gaps in coverage. Our pharmacy scheduling software can uncover daily, weekly, and shift level patterns in patient flow, helping pharmacy schedulers better forecast upcoming needs.

Multiple Locations

Manage your pharmacy technician work schedule from a centralized platform with various view and reporting options both locally and regionally with our pharmacy scheduling software solution. Easily configure multiple staffing regions or groups within large enterprises. See which employees are working over the entire corporation, or segment it down to a focused group of employees.

Credential Tracking

Improve efficiency by ensuring every shift is filled by qualified staff. Credentials are cataloged so you always have the right staff members working in the right place at the right times. The convenience of a cloud-based system allows all staff 24/7 access to all schedules from anywhere on any internet connected device.

Easy Implementation

Schedule360 guarantees a seamless, stress-free implementation process. We supply you with a pharmacy scheduling software solution that’s configured to fit your exact needs right away. An innovative solution to staff scheduling pain points will require some set up and training, unlike an out of the box solution designed to fit any industry’s scheduling needs. Pharmacies have unique workflows, and a one-size-fits-all scheduling software isn’t going to cut it. Our supportive, friendly staff is here to help you with implementation, training, and ongoing 24/7 customer support long after set up is complete.

Centralized Pharmacy Staff Scheduling

Schedulers can view schedules by location, or at a regional level; ideal for pharmacy chains containing multiple locations with additional on-site events requiring qualified staffing like vaccination events. Match up employees geographically, optimize floats, and improve  scheduling efficiency without manually pouring over guidelines to place everyone where they need to be.

Innovative Solutions

  • Clinical Community Support

The Clinical-Community Support staff scheduling feature makes it easy for you to leverage emerging pharmacy students and interns to supplement your vaccination teams. Students can submit their credentials to create an intern profile and once approved through the platform, admins can vet the students and schedule them based on their scheduling needs.

  • Large Scale Call-Offs

Our unique call-off feature is perfect for large pharmacy chains with multiple locations-even those spanning across several regions. Large chain pharmacies receive so many call-offs daily, it’s cumbersome if not impossible to answer every call, so this feature allows employees to enter their call-off through the platform, which shows as “pending” until the scheduler can review the call-off and process it. Instead of having a dedicated staff member at each location taking calls, you can appoint centralized admins to handle processing call-offs for many locations at once.

  • Modify Shift Timing on Live Schedules

This new feature provides an easy, fast, and accurate way to find and make necessary changes to applicable shifts on live schedules. This eliminates the need for pharmacists to manually locate each shift that needs to be changed while still allowing you to release future schedules well in advance with an easy way to update shifts as needed.

  • Tech Scheduling

The tech tab allows you to configure certain features (Tech Optimization, Restrict Shift Dates, Urgent Hot Shift Scheduling, Pick Up Shifts for PRN vs Full Time) to fit your guidelines and needs.

Industry Specific Reporting Tools

  • Non-Compliance Reporting

This report tracks all employee schedules along with required weekly work targets. It is color-coded and instantly displays employees who are in non-compliance. The admins for each market can drive schedule compliance and report it to Central Scheduling in real-time for weekly position control.

  • Staff Holiday Preference Posting

Employees can easily post and submit holiday preferences through their respective online portals well before the upcoming holiday. This feature is integrated into the schedule for each location, allowing admins the ability to approve holidays and backfill open shifts through one report.

  • MOC (Manager On Call)

The MOC report allows managers for various locations to manage call schedules and cover each other’s shifts on a Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis. This report displays in real-time for corporate reporting.

Schedule360-We Know Pharmacy Staff Scheduling

Schedule360 is an industry leader in pharmacy scheduling software, serving many of the largest retail pharmacy chains in the United States. Schedule a customized demo and learn how Schedule360 can optimize your float staff and technicians, streamline staff scheduling processes, standardize common workflow tasks, and so much more.