Operating Room Scheduling Software For Streamlined Staffing

July 15, 2020

Streamline your operating room staffing by using cloud-based operating room scheduling software. Its unique features are robust enough for the busiest ORs.

Operating room staff performing a surgery.

When it comes to surgical scheduling, the process needs to be as precise as the surgical procedure itself, making the job of the operating room staff scheduler a challenge. The scheduler has a lot of responsibility and managing the scheduling process without some automated support can be a complicated task to navigate.

It’s no secret that hospitals are increasingly under pressure to reduce costs, so it’s important to make staffing and scheduling decisions in an organized manner. Also, hospitals need to leverage data when developing scheduling solutions, and model tradeoffs between staffing costs and surgeons’ preferences.

As the operating room staff scheduler, you have to determine what your core number is, how you will handle the influx of daily cases, and how you can fill in the schedule without agency help.

Since a significant portion of the cost to run a fully staffed operating room is attributed to staff salaries, operating room managers are often interested in establishing a baseline or core staffing level. Baseline staffing also impacts the cost of contingent staff, such as overtime, float pool, on-call, and contract workers, that hospitals use to meet the excess demand for staffed-OR time.

How do you fill the gaps in scheduling between the baseline and what you end up needing?

With the implementation of operating room staff scheduling software, you can solve these cumbersome issues by filling in the gaps and more with these useful software features:

Gain Big-Picture Visibility

With scheduling software, you can view your entire schedule as one big picture, and determine at a glance where your scheduling gaps are with time to plan ahead.


You may not realize how invaluable this feature is if you don’t have it. Once you do, you won’t know how you lived without it. Choose to message all employees, only available employees, or currently working employees to push out timely information quickly and efficiently.

Overtime Thresholds

Utilizing scheduling software lets management instantly see overtime thresholds for available employees, 24/7 from any device. This allows you to cut overtime costs by seeing who has worked enough, who is close to their overtime threshold, and who has the capacity to work more hours before hitting that OT threshold.

Anytime Access

Choosing a web-based scheduling solution that is accessible 24/7 from any mobile device gives administrators and staff a greater sense of control as they can check their schedule and get important updates anywhere, anytime.

Shift Reminders

Schedulers can send automated messages via text, email, or within the platform to staff reminding them of any incoming shifts, greatly reducing or altogether eliminating the problem of missed shifts.

Time-Off Requests

Staff logins are configured to capture scheduling preferences and requests and employees can submit time-off requests pending admin approval. This feature is configured to align with your facility’s needs in relation to time-off codes, hour calculations, and restrictions. The best scheduling software solution is one that fits into what you’re already doing to make it more efficient.

Float Pool Staffing

Float pool staffing is a breeze with scheduling software because float staff have the ability to be sent to any facility or department with the click of a mouse. Thanks to the built-in transparency, you’ll avoid double-booking those key players for a higher standard of quality care and to meet staff ratios for safety and optimal team performance.

Credential Tracking

Employee licensure and skills are conveniently tracked and stored in employee profiles and are rapidly updated, ensuring that only those workers with the proper credentials, skills, and qualifications are offered available shifts.

Complete Schedule Transparency

With software scheduling you can view real time schedule changes, as well as create the scheduling transparency you need. You can view by unit, facility, or all locations and all staff collectively 24/7.

On-Call Scheduling

For surgical on-call scheduling, real-time web based scheduling information can be viewed at a glance. Streamline your process and optimize your staff by setting guidelines for how on-call shifts are delegated and picked up. You can allow staff who already work pick up on-call shifts for the same day, or set up the rules to only allow those who don’t already work that day to pick up the on-call shifts. You can set weekly or daily on-call shift limits, and even specify how many shifts they can pick up during a set amount of time. Finally get a handle on your on-call targets and quickly view who has reached their targets and who still needs to pick up shifts.

Reduce Costs and Agency Staffing

Scheduling software can help you cut costs and lessen your reliance on agency staffing, making it a cost-effective solution. Agency staffing is great when you need it, but it can be a burden to your payroll costs, especially if you’re pulling them in unnecessarily. Optimize your in-house staff and leave the overflow to the agency. You may be relying on them too heavily and you just can’t see the big picture with your current scheduling process.

Operating rooms are one of the busiest, most hectic, and profitable areas of a hospital. Implementing operating room staff scheduling software by Schedule360 can greatly reduce the complexities, demands, and the amount of time it takes to build and manage an effective OR schedule. Simplify your scheduling with Schedule360. We know your industry and understand the complexities and scheduling challenges you face. Contact us today to schedule a customized demo and learn about all of the configurable features we offer. Scheduling your staff can be challenging, and Schedule360 can help streamline your process.