On-Demand Scheduling is a Game Changer for 2020

June 11, 2020

Scheduling manager working on employee schedules.

Simply creating an accurate and effective schedule is not enough, especially if your scheduling methods haven’t quite caught up to speed with the latest technology trends of today. Much like everything else these days, employee scheduling has evolved into a strategic process, and knowing how to do it effectively in today’s complex, fast-paced, digital workplace is crucial.

The work schedule affects many aspects of operations including labor costs, legal compliance, employee morale, worker retention and more. Manual scheduling using outdated methods such as spreadsheets doesn’t have the capabilities to leverage data on its own, leaving scheduling managers with the difficult and time-consuming task of delegating which employees should be working and when. By utilizing the data analytics that’s available using on-demand scheduling, it suddenly becomes very easy to leverage the data to make calculated scheduling decisions when formulating a schedule, making on-demand scheduling a game changer for 2020 and beyond.

Employee Scheduling

Our scheduling software solution offers effective and efficient employee scheduling by streamlining the entire scheduling process, giving employees more control over their own schedules, creating transparency as well as accountability and so much more. With Schedule360, you have the ability to configure our software to align with your current scheduling rules and processes. Let’s face it. Your company is unique. You need more from a scheduling solution than a one-size-fits-all application.

Shift Optimization

Optimize shifts based on skills and availability, making sure that only those employees who have the proper qualifications and credentials are the ones filling those specific shifts.

Organized Time-Off Requests

Employee time-off requests are organized and easy to submit and can be configured to align with your company’s time-off policies and guidelines.

Reducing Overtime

Reduce overtime and lower agency costs by tracking overtime spending. Overtime alerts are built into the system, allowing managers to see which employees are close to overtime thresholds and which employees still need more hours.

Messaging Capabilities

When it comes to shift-based scheduling, the importance of being able to communicate effectively and quickly is critical. Our enhanced messaging platform offers secure and invaluable messaging with internal features for better collaboration and communication between all employees.

With a proper messaging system in place, schedulers and administrators are able to communicate by group or to a specific individual quickly. With time-stamped notifications, managers are able to know with absolute certainty whether the message has been read or not, leading to improved communication across the board.

Some Additional Benefits:

  • Efficient schedule changes.
  • Quickly determine resource needs and match with available, qualified staff.
  • Identify trends in scheduling for more automation.
  • Easily plan ahead with full schedule transparency.
  • Payroll integration.

The Role of Technology

It’s easy to see how much technology has helped make the employee scheduling process so much more efficient and manageable for everyone involved, as well as ensuring compliance with the many rules and regulations that greatly impact and affect shift-based workplaces.

Schedule360’s web-based scheduling software offers a multitude of robust, useful features that can be enabled or disabled so you don’t have features in your way that you’ll never use. We have completely transformed the entire scheduling process to allow real-time 24/7 access to all staff and provide quick inventory of all of your available resources to fill your schedule. Easily eliminate time-consuming and cumbersome manual scheduling methods. Enjoy enhanced messaging capabilities to improve all aspects of communication in your workplace, and utilize the analytics and reporting to keep things organized and readily available for review. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your scheduling process.

Schedule360’s scheduling software is not a one size fits all solution and is uniquely configured for your organization, giving you unlimited access to the best scheduling features and technology available. Contact us today for a customized demo to see exactly how it can work for you and your staff.