Nurse Scheduling Made Easy In 3 Simple Steps

August 16, 2019

Using cloud-based nurse scheduling software can help you automate your scheduling, create detailed reports, and effectively manage time-off requests.

Nurse Scheduling Made Easy In 3 Simple Steps

It is almost an understatement to say that tackling nurse scheduling is a tough job. You need 24/7 shift coverage while balancing various skill sets, availability, part-time, and full-time employees. And, a simple oversight can undo hours spent putting it all together. Using nurse scheduling software is the best way to streamline the effort you put into crafting the perfect schedule. It will keep your nurses happy and make your job easier.

1. Get Automated

Many nursing units have set rotations, whether it’s weekends, holidays, or certain days. But, simply copying and pasting from one schedule to another is a good way to make simple mistakes.

The availability of your staff will always change. On top of that, scheduling conflicts lead to frustration, and you’ll spend even more time filling open shifts and fixing schedule screw-ups. Help yourself with an automated solution.

Nurse scheduling software will reduce headaches and save time creating the schedule. An automated nurse scheduling system will track employees’ availability, skills, and time-off requests. You can also create rules for your scheduling including overtime, licensure, and other pertinent scheduling considerations. In addition, your staff will be able to see real-time changes made to the schedule, 24/7. They will appreciate the flexibility and transparency nurse scheduling software offers.

2. Get Online

Gone are the days when nurses forget when they work or have to call in to find out. Imagine not having to call a nurse out of bed because they forgot about a shift they picked up a week ago. Getting online and mobile allows 24/7 access for your nurses to view their schedules. They can see when they work, put in time off requests, and check other schedule-related issues anytime from anywhere right from their smartphone.

A cloud-based schedule gets everyone on the same page. Your entire team will always be synced with messaging features built into nurse scheduling software. It will also save time by eliminating the need to make phone calls or send messages when an urgent need to fill a shift arises.

3. Get Detailed Reports

Not only can nurse scheduling software give you a quick overview of your schedule, but you can easily compile reports to view the data you want to see in an instant.

Configurable reports allow nurse schedulers to view scheduling data at enterprise, facility, department, and unit levels; and you can even export to print.

You can also interface with your employee payroll. This enables you to quickly compile a concise report for your payroll system or service.

Nurse scheduling software can make supervisors more efficient and increase staff satisfaction. Schedule360 has the innovative nurse scheduling solution for you. Our software is designed to be easily configured to the way your unit works. It feels like a custom employee scheduling program with the affordability of off-the-shelf software. Contact Schedule360 today for a free demo to see how we can make the overwhelming task of nurse scheduling easier for you.