Nurse Overtime is Busting Your Unit’s Budget

March 6, 2020

Frustrated nurse working too many hours.Healthcare facilities are constantly under pressure to reduce costs. Since nurses comprise a large percentage of the labor costs, they’re often the first to get scrutinized under the financial microscope. However, laying off or reducing the numbers of these vital staff members would be detrimental to the quality of patient care and would result in multiple negative ramifications.

One safer way to trim the costs would be to eliminate or minimize overtime, since overtime expenses can quickly add up, affecting a unit’s bottom line. Implementing nurse scheduling software can help your unit achieve its goal of effectively reducing budget busting overtime related costs.

Set Overtime Thresholds

Outdated, manual scheduling procedures make it impossible to see the big picture for more effective schedule management. Utilizing nurse scheduling software allows management to instantly view overtime thresholds for available employees, 24/7, from any device.


Rule based nurse self-scheduling software makes it possible to avoid the common pitfalls that lead to scheduling conflicts. It can track availability, time-off requests, and shift swaps. It can also be set up to approve OT before a shift is even scheduled. The program can also send alerts to managers so they can quickly respond to an open shift or an employee calling off a shift. Real-time data and reports help nursing managers make faster and more efficient scheduling decisions.

Overtime Alerts

With nurse scheduling software, overtime alerts for a self-scheduling employee are built into the system. Nurses can request to work overtime shifts, while an administrator can override the set alert and approve the overtime request.

Shift Balancing

Nursing managers face difficult challenges when it comes to scheduling. They must strike a balance of everything from time off requests and limited staff, to balancing skill levels and on call rotations. By utilizing nurse scheduling software, nurse managers are able to optimize nursing staff by ensuring that nurses are working their contracted hours while meeting the operational needs of the unit.


Nurse scheduling software allows managers to see reported hours at a glance. This allows management to better analyze the distribution and hours worked by each employee. You’ll have complete transparency over scheduling, along with accurate documentation of all changes, shift pick-ups, and shift swaps. These tracking capabilities offer a way to hold your staff accountable for the changes they make to their schedule.

Thanks to nurse scheduling software by Schedule360, you don’t have to resort to drastic measures in order to reduce overtime costs in your budget. Schedule360’s nurse scheduling software allows you to make smart, rational, and calculated staffing decisions to improve your bottom line, without compromising the integrity and quality of patient care. Contact us today for a customized demo of our scheduling software.