New Feature: Workforce Management Reporting

September 16, 2020

Schedule360 developed an integrated workforce management report that allows users to measure metrics to drive labor target compliance.

Smiling hospital administrator sitting at a conference table with her laptop open to a report.

Schedule360 offers the most user-friendly and configurable employee shift schedule software on the market and we continually develop new features based on customer feedback. Recently, one of our health system clients requested that we develop an integrated workforce management report that contained metrics that would allow them to clearly see and measure multiple parameters by employee to drive labor target compliance for the hospital’s respective units. They wanted the report to be flexible with the ability to be queried, based on the individual needs of the end user. We realized that this report would not only benefit these clients but also all Health System clients, so we worked directly with the customer to develop the report.

Workforce Management Reporting

Schedule360 provides a “GAPS GRID” report by unit that displays all scheduled and open shifts with drill-down features by license type, special type, and day. While this report is helpful in providing transparency for a manager to balance a schedule, it is lacking in the ability to incorporate multiple work targets and parameters for multiple units that can be queried by the end user for any start & end date.

The new Workforce Management Report resides on the first page of the admin user’s login to Schedule360, and is prominently displayed for access. The report allows an admin user to query any/all units, any/all licensure, any/all special types (charge supervisor, etc.); unit staff/PRN, for any start-end date. The report then displays by employee all work targets (daily, weekly, monthly, weekend, on call, etc.) with an easy to read, color-coded “variance” report that displays compliance or non-compliance.

Featured Highlights

● Enterprise level or unit level report.

● Report captures all licensure, special scheduling types, and all work targets.

● Configurable start-end dates.

● Variance for all works targets prominently displayed and color-coded.

● Easily pinpoint which employees are compliant or deficient with target hours at a glance.

● Live links to individual employee’s calendars to manage work targets directly from reports.

Customer Feedback on Workforce Management Report:

“The PRN employees in my department are required to work a minimum of 96 hours/ 8 week schedule and 48 of those hours must be weekend shifts. To track this compliance manually would have been extremely daunting and near impossible. The Schedule360 listened to my ideas and needs and not only created the report I needed, but added even more functionality than I could have imagined. And because of the filter capabilities, I am using the report in ways I didn’t even think of prior to having it. It has been amazing for my workflow.”

“I can quickly pull the report and see if employees are “short” on their hours and send them a quick reminder. Once the schedule has ended I pull the report for compliance and I am able to hold the staff accountable in real time. It allows me to have a large amount of information at my fingertips in seconds. The WFM Report is a lifesaver for me! For my PRN employees, it allows me to hold staff accountable for their minimum requirements and address when needed. For my FT staff, I can quickly run this report while I am balancing the schedule to see if anyone has not scheduled the correct number of weekend shifts.”

“Overall, this report allows me to show my CNO, CFO, and CEO how many hours the float pool has covered. Which in turn demonstrates the amount of overtime reduction to fill open shifts. The information made available by this report is priceless. Most facilities have PRN employees and most have minimum hour requirements for said PRN employees. This report allows you to hold your employees to that standard without adding a lot of time to our already very busy schedules.”

Developing New Features Based on Real Customer Feedback

At Schedule360, we work around the clock to make improvements and add new features to our software based on the unique needs of our clients. We encourage client feedback to both improve existing reports or to add new features not currently available. Like our client mentioned above, you may at some point realize you need us to create a customized solution to address a scheduling issue you’re currently dealing with. If you find yourself in this position, don’t hesitate to contact us right away. If we don’t already have a feature to meet your needs, we will work with you to create what you’re looking for.

It’s important that our clients never feel like they have to settle for healthcare scheduling software that isn’t working the way they need it to, so if something isn’t right, let us know. That’s the Schedule360 difference. It’s also a guarantee and a service standard we proudly provide to all of our customers, no matter how long you’ve been with us.

Our customer support team is available 24×7 to address your questions, concerns, or ideas, no matter how unique or specific they may seem. We understand that each client is going to have different needs, which is why we don’t believe in a one-size fits all scheduling solution.

Schedule360’s award winning employee scheduling software was developed and configured to fit the unique and specific scheduling needs of all of our clients, so call us today for a customized demo. Let’s talk about how we can help guide you to a more efficient scheduling process with our web-based scheduling solution.