New Feature to Help Manage Large Scale Call-Offs

June 22, 2021

Schedule360 offers the most user friendly and configurable pharmacy scheduling software on the market. Our unique call off feature comes in especially useful for large pharmacy chains and urgent care clinics with multiple locations across several regions. When your scheduling tasks become impossible to manage by utilizing the people you have, it’s time to automate.

Medical professional looking at a laptop.

When one of our clients expressed a need for an automated way to handle daily call-offs, we got to work creating a feature that would manage this surmounting task. We knew it needed to be user friendly, easy to implement, and save time. This client in particular was at a point where the amount of manpower needed to manual oversee this part of the scheduling process was unattainable. They were getting literally hundreds of call-offs every day across 5000+ multiple locations. It was time to let technology do the dirty work instead of throwing more labor at the problem.

Schedule360 rolled out this automated feature, and many of our clients are already taking advantage of its ease of use. The call off feature allows up to 7 days ahead to call off, but just because you can doesn’t mean you have to. Many clients set this call-off window for 48 hours ahead. Whenever an employee “calls off” through the Schedule360 interface, the request is listed as “pending”. This can even be broken down by region, market, district, and geography with filters on all. With large chain pharmacies, there are so many call-offs every single day that there’s no possible way to answer every call, so this feature allows employees to enter a call-off and it shows as pending until the scheduler can review the call-off and process it.

This feature eliminates the need for a dedicated employee to answer phones-because let’s face it, in some industries that is all they would do all day long. If this sounds familiar, you know how beneficial it would be to re-allocate those resources elsewhere. Instead of staff calling in, they enter this information into the call-off feature. Once submitted, schedulers are notified, and they can process the request in a more convenient and efficient manner. In most cases, this feature is for the shifts that are called off relatively close to the scheduled shift, so this feature will simplify the process of handling urgent open shifts.

When a scheduler is processing the call-off, they have the option to:

  • Reopen the shift.
  • Make it hot.
  • Dispatch shift immediately.
  • Or do nothing and leave the shift unfilled depending on the need.

The scheduler has the ability to approve and mark the staff member off, and by approving the dropped shift, the system automatically removes them from the schedule for that shift. Schedulers can then determine whether or not they need to backfill the shift. They can also add notes with regard to what they plan on doing with the shift, meaning if any additional steps are needed to address the now open shift, it can be noted. For example, they’re able to document if they pulled a staff member from a different location and shift to cover the now open shift. They can also select to give the employee who is rescheduled to cover a hot shift a small travel incentive for being flexible and accepting the shift at a different location.

Field Management

Centralized management of call-offs for multiple locations and regions provides one uniformed process for handling call-offs. Field managers can monitor their cal offs by respective geography, and field management works in tandem with the central scheduling office on how to resolve/manage the call off. Schedule360 streamlines the communication between the central scheduling office and the field managers with complete transparency and efficiency. By utilizing this feature, you’ll no longer have to deal with back and forth phone calls.

With this feature, field managers can instruct the scheduler to pull the on call person, move a double coverage location to a single coverage location and pay a travel incentive for staff to move to a new location. All of this is documented and transparent to the scheduler, management, field management, and all staff impacted by the call off and switches.

Our solution is a proven benefit to process call-offs in a streamlined way. Schedulers simply log in, oversee select regions, and process call-offs systematically while optimizing your resources.

Benefits At a Glance

  • Having one centralized process.
  • No longer having to deal with call-offs in separate locations with different processes.
  • Fast, automated approach to approving and re-assigning open shifts.
  • No need for anyone to “man the phones” which can literally include hundreds of calls beginning at 6 am and continuing throughout the day leading to a waste of valuable resources.

Why Schedule360?

Schedule360 offers a highly configurable scheduling software solution to fit nearly any type of business organization, no matter the size or industry. Whether it’s a call-off feature you desperately need, or any other feature you wish you had, we’re interested in working with you to create a systematic process for your staff scheduling needs. Contact us soon for a configured demo tailored to your current processes so you can see exactly what our solution can do for you and your staff.