Employee Scheduling Software New Feature: Reminders

July 15, 2019

Employee Scheduling Software New Feature: Reminders

Schedule360 offers one of the most user-friendly and customizable employee scheduling software tools that you’ll find on the market. It is our goal to meet the needs of our clients, which is why we are always looking for ways to improve our scheduling software. Recently, we added a few additional features that we believe will improve our employee scheduling software based on feedback from our current users.

Shift Reminder Messaging

You can now send shift reminder messages through our employee scheduling software. Employees can automatically set up shift reminders by email, text, or both, that dispatch the day before their scheduled shift. This is particularly helpful if someone picked up a shift or traded a shift and it’s on a day or during a time period that they don’t normally work. The reminder can also be sent to the main message board where it can be reviewed.

In order to use the feature, the employee does have to opt-in. Employees will likely want to take advantage of the new shift reminder feature if they tend to pick up additional shifts outside of their normal rotation to help prevent them from forgetting or being late.

Although an opt-in is required by the user, administrators can require that the employee opts in if they have a habit of being late or missing shifts. As is true of all of our scheduling features, administrators will be able to configure a unique setup and rules for their schedule.

However, if changes are made to the schedule after the reminder is sent, no additional reminder messages will be sent. You should remind employees to consistently log into their Schedule360 account on desktop or mobile prior to their scheduled shift for any changes or updates to the schedule.

Improving Our Scheduling Software

We strive to make sure that our scheduling software is robust and flexible while remaining easy to use. One of the reasons our innovative scheduling software has continued to set the standard is due to our customer-centric focus and our understanding that scheduling software shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution.

We work continuously to make improvements and roll out new features to our software based on the needs of our clients. It’s why we welcome feedback about additional features you’d like to see or scheduling problems you may be facing.

Reach out to our customer support team about your unique scheduling needs or any ideas that you might have about new features. We will do everything we can to add those features to your scheduling software to ensure that your needs are being met. Contact us at Schedule360 to speak with one of our representatives or to schedule a free, customized demo today.