New Feature: Modify Shift Timing on Live Schedules

April 14, 2022

Schedule360 is proud to offer the most user-friendly and configurable pharmacy and clinic scheduling software on the market. We continuously work to enhance the system functionality and over 75% of the scheduling features and reports were developed from direct client requests.

Recently, we had a customer request to update master schedules more efficiently in pharmacies and clinics. Specifically, the client wants to be able to release schedules farther in advance, with a more straightforward way to manage shift modifications for current live schedules.

Previously, any changes made to set schedules would automatically be applied to future-release schedules, but not to the weeks that had already been released. This was a problem because some locations release set schedules far into the future, example: 10-12 weeks out. Every time a shift change was made to the set schedule, an Admin User had to manually find all occurrences of that shift change in the live schedules and apply the changes one by one.

As you can imagine, or have possibly experienced first-hand, the process of “catching up” the live schedules to reflect necessary shift changes can be both tedious and time-consuming. This new feature streamlines the process, saving pharmacies and clinics a tremendous amount of time by making it much easier to find and modify shifts in the live schedules to reflect the respective changes as needed.

New Feature Overview

With Modify Shift Timing, you can now adjust shifts on live schedules through batch selection:

  • by employee
  • by department/unit
  • by location
  • by shift times

This new feature provides an easy, fast, and accurate way to find and make necessary changes to applicable shifts on live schedules. It eliminates the need for a dedicated person to manually find each shift that needs to be changed, and when you’re able to reallocate your resources more effectively, your overall workflow improves.

We Know Scheduling™

In this ever-changing environment, you need a way to quickly adjust schedules to address the needs of your location. Schedule360 strives to offer the best pharmacy and clinic scheduling software solutions by speaking directly to common scheduling pain points.

We believe this new feature will be a great addition for our clients, and we look forward to creating more new and improved features to help you streamline your scheduling processes. If there is a scheduling pain point you would like to discuss with our team, contact Schedule360 today.