New Feature: Enhanced Messaging Capabilities

April 14, 2020

A manager messaging her staff about scheduling changes.

When it comes to healthcare scheduling, Schedule360 understands the importance of management being able to effectively and quickly communicate their scheduling needs to their employees. For this reason our employee scheduling software already comes equipped with an integrated messaging tool. However, as we continue to meet the needs of our clients, we’re also constantly looking for ways to improve our scheduling software. One of those improvements is being able to provide our clients with enhanced messaging capabilities.

This new messaging feature allows administrators to message only those individuals on the schedule at various levels of their site structure. For example, admins can select staff based on their nursing unit, department, facility, or enterprise, even across multiple campuses. They can broadcast a message to only those staff members who are scheduled to work that particular day or send a message to everyone on the list. They also have the ability to choose how they want to contact staff by selecting message board, email, cell, or secondary email.

Reduces the Number of Messages

Let’s face it, no one likes to be bombarded with messages, especially if they don’t apply to them. If you’ve ever been included in a group text that didn’t apply to you, but still had to sift through the dozens of non-relevant messages to receive the important ones, then you understand the frustration.

The new and improved messaging feature drastically cuts down on annoying over-messaging by allowing managers to effectively communicate to only those individuals that the message applies to, versus sending out a mass message to everyone on the list.

Helpful in Emergency Situations

This new messaging feature is also useful to have in times of emergency, or whenever disaster strikes a certain facility or area, such as a snow day or unexpected closure, giving managers the ability to make requests for staff to work over when needed, etc.

Adapting Our Scheduling Software to Fit Your Needs

We continually strive to make improvements to our scheduling software to ensure that we are always meeting the needs of our clients. It’s the main reason why we welcome feedback about any additional features our customers would like to see, as well as any problems or concerns they may have with their current scheduling. We take your feedback and make those improvements and enhancements available to our clients.

If you would like more information about what our highly configurable scheduling software can do to improve your scheduling needs, or if you’re already a customer and simply have some questions about how to best utilize any of our new features contact us today.