New Feature: Daily Staff Totals

March 17, 2022

Schedule360 constantly strives to offer the best nurse scheduling software by using the latest web and mobile technologies. Occasionally a client contacts us with a need for a new or improved feature. If something isn’t working for one of our clients, we want to know about it, so we can improve an existing or develop a new configured solution, to fit their unique scheduling needs.

Nurse admin sitting at a desk behind a computer.

Recently, one of our hospital clients requested that we develop a feature to accurately calculate the daily staff totals per nursing unit. Specifically, they needed to know the core staffing numbers of their RNs, broken down in specific hour increments to ensure adequate coverage. Additionally, as their department consists of several units, they needed the ability to isolate Core Staffing Totals by unit, as well as the ability to run the same report for the other unit(s), and compare these numbers at-a-glance, whenever desired.

Our new Daily Staff Total feature gives admin level staff the ability to run specific coverage reports in any “from-to” shift time hourly increment to accurately determine scheduled Core Staff by licensure. By proactively working with our customers to incorporate their specific needs for schedule management, we continuously improve the functionality of Schedule360.  We understand that every customer is unique and a “one-size-fits-all” approach to schedule management does not work.

Featured Highlights

  • Ability to set time increments by Licensure and Scheduling Type for Core coverage. (for example, 2 hour, 4 hour, 6 hour, 8 hour, etc. shift increments)
  • Prevent duplication or double counting of staff, especially those nurses with night shifts that run into the next day, for an accurate big picture view.
  • Includes the ability to build custom templates based on your specific reporting needs.
  • Includes the ability to include float staff or those who work odd shifts.
  • Helps Supervisors and Charge nurses maintain safe staffing levels and make necessary adjustments based on real-time report data.

Optimize Staff with Reactive Scheduling

The new Daily Staff Total Report gives Supervisors and Charge nurses the ability to optimize or re-shuffle staff based on the report findings. Using the daily staffing totals, Management can reactively schedule staff based on the current unit status. Depending on the results, the report lets them know if they need to manage a shift opening by accessing a float pool, call in employees that are on-call, flex off staff if they have too many scheduled, and effectively manage reactive scheduling tasks based on real-time numbers.

Makes Accurate Shift Forecasting Easier

Schedule360 scheduling software already provides accurate forecasting of upcoming shift demands to decrease last-minute overtime requests. Our software already uncovers weekly, daily, and shift level patterns in patient flow through certain units, so schedulers and admin can better forecast demand. Scheduling managers use the information to match nursing resources to the actual patient flow, improving the quality of care while also giving staff more schedule predictability.

This new Daily Staff Total feature is another tool to help nursing management forecast upcoming shift demand more accurately, to best utilize resources. With configurable staff scheduling software, you’ll have less dependency on agency staffing by optimizing employees already available to you.

The Daily Staff Totals reports can be printed daily but will likely be used to determine upcoming shift demand within a 36-hour period.

Developing New Features Based on Customer Feedback

Schedule360 provides a staff scheduling software that speaks directly to pain points that consistently create inefficiencies in staff scheduling processes. It’s why we always welcome feedback about additional features you’d like to see or unique scheduling challenges you’re facing. You should never settle for scheduling software that isn’t functioning the way they need it to. Whether you’re a new customer or you’ve been with us for years, we’re serious when we say, how can we help? We Know Scheduling™, and we know Schedule360 can make a big difference in how you manage your unit. Contact us for a configured demo of our award-winning nurse scheduling software.