New Feature-Configurable Scheduling Format

November 8, 2019

New Feature-Configurable Scheduling FormatSchedule360 constantly strives to offer the best employee scheduling software by using only the latest web and mobile technologies. Occasionally our product features need to be updated or improved to ensure optimal customer satisfaction for our clients. If something isn’t working perfectly for our clients, we want to know, so we can work to remedy the situation.

For example, one of the limitations with our current employee scheduling software solution is that our clients are only able to schedule in a monthly format. This may work just fine for some of our clients, but for others who prefer to schedule two or three weeks at a time, this can be frustrating.

Our new feature will add weekly formats in up to 8 week increments and has the ability to convert to any format the client wishes, whether that’s weekly 2, 4, 6, or 8 weeks.

This will be a welcomed addition for many of our clients, as before the new feature, we have only displayed schedules in a monthly format, meaning you could only view one month at a time. For many of our clients who match their scheduling time periods to payroll and operational periods, a 2 week to 6 week increment is the ideal alignment over a monthly time period.

Keeping You in Sync

This new feature will fall right into line with the guidelines you’ve already established for scheduling. That’s one of the reasons we’re so excited to announce this new feature, as it allows us to be more in sync with our clients’ scheduling process.

Before, clients were not able to publish on a weekly basis, only monthly. So now our clients will have the flexibility and freedom to be able to publish in any format they want, at any location.

With our new addition, clients will be able to publish in any weekly format they desire. Imagine what a game-changer this is for those who have been forced to use a monthly schedule, but only schedule out 2 or 3 weeks at a time.

This also allows managers the ability to hide the schedule in an unpublished format from employees while making changes or additions to the schedule. This is a highly beneficial feature to have, as in the past, there would be an entire month of a published schedule, but only three weeks were scheduled into the future.

Experience the Schedule360 Difference

We know scheduling, and we know you have unique needs for your scheduling process. We take pride in offering the best employee scheduling software on the market. If you would like more information about our highly configurable software, contact us today to schedule a customized demo to see just how beneficial it can be to your company. If you’re already a client who’s ready to gain access to this exciting new scheduling feature, contact Schedule360 to activate.