Myths in Healthcare Scheduling

February 20, 2020

Healthcare workers looking at the schedule.

Change can be difficult for some organizations to embrace, including the healthcare industry. This is especially true for those who have been doing something a specific way for several years, such as how they create staff schedules. It doesn’t matter that what they’re doing isn’t efficient or convenient, still, they trudge along believing that it’s easier to continue doing what they’ve always done rather than trying something new, even though it might greatly benefit their organization in a positive way.

It can be tempting to make assumptions or believe certain myths to try and justify why you don’t need to make any changes, even if these myths are preventing your organization from saving time and money.

Well, it’s time to tackle those myths head on and take an honest look at what’s working, and what’s not when it comes to scheduling.

Myth #1-Manual Scheduling Takes Less Time

Many people are still under the impression that manual scheduling is still the only way to go. While manual scheduling may still work okay in some situations, like in a small office with only a few employees, for most organizations manual scheduling is a confusing, time-consuming, and stressful ordeal. Manual scheduling is simply not scalable or efficient, especially when there are so many alternatives that work so much better.

Myth #2-Manual Scheduling Results in Less Errors

For some still resorting to manual scheduling methods, they may believe there is less error involved because a human is manually inputting the data, but in reality, the exact opposite is true. Manual scheduling actually leads to more errors, resulting in missed shifts and scheduling conflicts.

Myth #3-Time Off Requests are Less Confusing with Manual Scheduling

Those convinced that using paper slips and emails to handle time-off requests is an easier and less confusing process have probably never had to manually change a schedule after receiving time-off requests. Manual submission of time-off requests leads to manual scheduling changes, and it’s anything but quick and easy if you’re still using paper schedules and spreadsheets, because every time you change the schedule a new version needs to be printed and posted. After a few versions are released, it can be confusing as to which schedule is the most current version.

Myth #4-Manual Credential Tracking and Payroll Compiling is Faster

When it comes to credential tracking and payroll compiling, nothing could be further from the truth. Both credential tracking and payroll compiling is an extremely tedious and time- consuming process when done manually, and there is also a much higher potential for errors to occur as well.

What Can be Done to Fix the Problem?

Healthcare scheduling software addresses and solves all of these concerns with ease by streamlining your entire scheduling process, saving you time, money, and sanity. Additionally, there are even more optional features to simplify things even more:

Efficient Messaging

Healthcare scheduling software greatly improves all aspects of employee communication by providing a convenient messaging system that makes staying in touch with your employees a breeze. Messages are time stamped and confirmed when read, which eliminates common communication pitfalls that arise, such as employees saying they never received the message.

24/7 Access

Employees will have 24/7 access to their schedules, allowing them to view their schedule, make changes, swap shifts, etc., from any mobile device with internet access.

Cloud based

Healthcare scheduling software by Schedule360 is a secure, cloud-based solution, supporting real-time scheduling and communication.

Shift Reminders

Reduce or eliminate missed shifts by sending employees shift reminders, giving them peace of mind and freedom from their phone by not having to constantly call in to work to find out when they have to work next.

By debunking myths and embracing technology, such as healthcare scheduling software by Schedule360, you will have all of the features you need and more to successfully simplify and streamline your scheduling process. Contact us today for a customized demo of our amazing scheduling software solution for your healthcare staff.